• How you ride it makes a difference as well. I’ve seen some bridleways in the Peak quadruple in width as people ride in the winter but don’t want to get wet and muddy do try and ride around.

    This +1 makes my heart sink every time I see a route around appear, but trying to explain to people brings blank looks 😕

  • Off on a rare visit to my brexit supporting head office nr Mansfield tomorrow, got my copy of Sajid Javids 2016 pro remain interview ready to wave in their faces if any of them dare to gloat 🙄

  • Dickyboy replied to the topic HS2 spiralling costs in the forum Chat Forum 6 days ago

    We have a climate emergency on our hands partly due to personal transportation getting out of hand, the least that we can do is build some decent mass transport infra structure that will last well into the 22nd century, so we can travel north when it gets too warm down here for us southern softies

  • Dickyboy replied to the topic Bloody house chains… in the forum Chat Forum 6 days ago

    The whole house selling & buying process seems to be getting worse with solicitors picking up the smallest things to add on an indemnity charge or insurance policy for. Selling my wife’s old house at the moment – it’s got one tiny replacement window fitted (because the old one literally fell out) the rest are original 120yr old sash windows that…[Read more]

  • Dickyboy replied to the topic HS2 spiralling costs in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    It’s going to pass about a mile from our house, cut off my main road cycling route, destroy various local woodlands etc 😕 but also cut off the main road leaving just a pedestrian and cycling underpass 👍 so £106 billion well spent, but joking aside we do need new railway facilities in this country and we think nothing of using the channel tunnel,…[Read more]

  • Obviously it depends, went into peas pottage services the other day & it was £1.50 😯 normally around £1.30 per l

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    The difficulty for business yet again is the unknown, divergence might be good might be bad but until we actually know what it means it’s a bit tricky to be prepared for it 😕

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    When my dad (retired priest) died in 2018 we had to go and see the vicar in what had been our family home over 25yrs previously, especially weird seeing as the current vicar had similar hobbies and ideas of decoration.

  • The Isle of Man example… shouldn’t tax payers there bail out that route?

    Tax payers in IOM?

    There is no capital gains tax, there is no inheritance tax, there is no corporation tax, there is no stamp duty, and income tax comes in very low indeed: the top rate is 20%. It is also capped at £120,000. No one pays more.

    But yes electric flight is o…

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  • Boris wants us to “Bung a Bob for a big Ben bong” on brexit night.. 🙄

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    All the downsides of a desktop, with all the downsides of a laptop?

    Thanks 👍 obvious when you think about it, seemed to suit her needs but a lappy would prob be better.

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    They are most definitely not because there are billions of people like you and me,

    Actually not many people making an effort like you Ed, just totted up in our close of 9 x 4 bed detached houses, 24 adults with an average of exactly one car per adult, only one car is electric and that only arrived at the weekend, none have got solar panels. I…[Read more]

  • Yoou obviously haven’t checked out the pound/euro rate today,

    Guilty as charged m’lud 🙄 guess we should be getting forex early for any foreign holidays this year…

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    On a slightly different tack, what’s the consensus for laptop vs all in one, quite like the idea of an all in one* for Mrs DB’s birthday but no point if it will cost ££ more than similar spec laptop with half decent screen.

    *photo display, storage & minor editing being the main use, along with usual browsing etc

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    another sign of the low standards of UK building.

    That added to a lack of building control officers, shoddy work and lack of inspection is going to leave problems for years to come 😕

  • Meanwhile, today’s Brexit Bonus:

    And will only be a problem if the car in question isn’t going to be delivered until 2021 because our trading relationship remains the same until 31.12.20 at the earliest, what a crock of shite article

  • My motorbike has me as previous registered keeper acquired in 2006 and current keeper acquired in 2013* – didn’t think that was normal for just moving house?

    *not sure if number of keepers has increased since I bought it back in 2006

  • Six months ago Boris was building a bridge across to Ireland, how’s that working out?

    I think he built it over some deadly ditch at the end of October last year instead 🤔

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    Loved no country for old men (film) but the road was one of the few films that I’ve turned off on the basis that it was tedious and crap – turned off once he escaped from a gun toting gang running through the woods with his injured son on his back,so perhaps I didn’t give it enough time.

  • Check the mint on the sovereigns, some 19th century ones are worth way more than others.

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