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  • Norbar wrenches are an investment. They will last a long time and can be recalibrated. If you have the cash and do a lot of spannering then go for it. If not, the X tools one is fine.

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    Yes, I get these feelings all the time. I just keep telling myself that they are only subjective thoughts my own mind and have no basis in objective reality but I do get days when the little’un is howling for no reason and I worry about my career (or lack of it) when it can be hard to turn these thoughts off.

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  • Just picked up one of these yesterday and installed today. Is it normal to have a little bit of play on the lever axle (up and down movement)? I’m coming from a Oneup remote which had no play on the bearing axle. The bearing feels smooth when disassembled and all the bolts are torqued to spec.

  • Is this some sort of “LBS Owners Guild” funded post, care of Cambridge Analytica?

    I’ve always had great service from the three online outlets I use regularly – Merlin, Wiggle and Cyclestore. Stuff arrives on time, and is cheaper than any LBS round here.

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