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  • The Southern Dales are great for XC riding with little techy stuff while the north has some more rocky techy spots i.e. Reeth, Fremington and Gunnerside.

    The Moors are also great for long xc days with some spots for more trail orientated days out e.g. Dalby, Sutton Bank and all the cheeky steep trails in Guisborough Woods.

    Both areas are…[Read more]

  • devash replied to the topic We buy any car in the forum Chat Forum 1 day ago

    We used them last October to shift our Ford Focus as we were moving to Spain and I needed the car right up until the day we left so no time for a private sale. They offered us £500 more than any local garages and the final price wasn’t too far off the Parker’s guide for a private sale.

    To be honest they didn’t do a particularly thorough check…[Read more]

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    Between me and my brother we’ve owned most of the old consoles e.g. Commodore 64, NES, Master System, Atari Lynx, Game Boy, Mega Drive, Playstation 1 / 2, Dreamcast, Xbox and Gamecube. I stopped buying games after the Gamecube as that was around the time I started getting into mountain biking and met my future wife who isn’t in to games at all.

    I…[Read more]

  • You’ll be able to sell it complete, no problem. Not everyone follows wheelsize / standards changes as religiously as the people on these kinds of specialist forums so the fact that the standards are supposedly obsolete won’t matter. Just stick it on Facebook ads or gumtree with the title ‘downhill bike’ and someone will have it off you. You might…[Read more]

  • devash replied to the topic Rigid 650b reccomendations pls. in the forum Bike Forum 3 days ago

    Yeah probably a Cotic Bfe is your best shot. Get in touch with Cotic and they might be able to do you a complete build with a suitable fork.

  • devash replied to the topic Do it all 29er HT trails/XC in the forum Bike Forum 4 days ago

    An Orange Clockwork 29 would be better for your needs if you wanted to go down the Orange route.

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    I bought a Wave Plus a couple of years ago. It is solidly built and usually my go to for little jobs. I think the rrp is around 130 quid but I paid less than 100 on some pre Christmas deal at what was then our local Blacks camping shop. If you need one for hiking or biking though then I would look at one of the lighter models because the wave is…[Read more]

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    Wait till climate change properly kicks in and entire nations start running out of food and water.

    I think this is probably the most likely kick-off for a global conflict i.e. resource wars. Large parts of the planet slowly becoming uninhabitable and the resultant flow of refugees will add to the issue at the micro level.

    Look at the history of…[Read more]

  • devash replied to the topic Malbec…. Why the hype? in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    +1 for Catena. You can usually get it for around a tenner if you shop around. Also, Viñalba is another trusted Argentinian brand and their reserve Malbec comes in at around the same price.

    A good Argentinian Malbec should be full bodied, with dark fruit flavours, smooth but prominent tannin structure and slightly perfumed.

    Wine is so subjective…[Read more]

  • I purchased a Brand X from Wiggle in their Black Friday sale for £93 with a discount voucher and am using it with a Wolf Tooth lever (£65). Hardly a millimetre of play, goes up and down fast and just does the job perfectly. Very happy with mine and would recommend.

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    Fantastic read. I picked up a beautiful hardback version a few years ago. The campy 60s film version was directed by none other than François Truffaut and is worth a watch too, but read the book first.

  • From personal experience the Xbox ones integrate better with most games under Windows (probably a Microsoft thing) but I’ve always favoured the Playstation Dual Shock design so I use a wired PS3 controller.

  • Hunts are ok wheels but they are not in the same league as DT Swiss, despite what their clever targeted marketing campaigns would have you believe.

  • +1 here for Squirt. Used it for years even in wet conditions. As long as you do a really thorough degrease of your chain once the factory lube has worked its way through, Squirt sticks just fine.

  • As above, I successfully upgraded both my laptop and desktop as well as my wife’s laptop for free thanks to a previous thread on this forum. All working fine and the upgrade process even carried across my files and programmes.

  • You’d think with Brexit finally happening all the gammons would be jubilant and full of seasonal good will?

  • devash replied to the topic Sigma Sports in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    Used quite a bit over the years. Legit site, always a good experience ordering from them.

  • devash replied to the topic Nye musing, Rallon or S150? in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    Cracking price on that Whyte.

  • devash replied to the topic Rshox Reba repairs in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    Try TFTuned or J-Tech. They are suspension servicers and tuners. I’d be very surprised if either one of them didn’t have what you need in their parts bin.

  • devash replied to the topic Is 650b dead? in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    It’s all about ‘fringe’ bikes this season i.e. reverse mullet bikes.

    I’m running a 29er wheel out back and a 26 wheel on the front of my xc rig. It means I’m almost horizontal to the ground when climbing steep terrain which is a great position to shave seconds off my ride and make me feel like Nino Schurter. Going downhill can be a painful…[Read more]

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