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    Raceface ambush here as well, I’ve been very impressed. No slipping and seem like they offer decent protection. Not having to slide them off over your shoes is also a big bonus.

    I came from using Fox Launch Pro, they were good but got baggy over time and started slipping.

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    That’s good, I was there when it was a washout a few years back. Wasn’t well equipped for bad weather

  • Some employers have a home use program, I think you pay around £10 and get your own version for personal use.

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    No Mallorca can’t be compared to the big mountains in the Alps but it makes it far more achievable for your average rider. You can do a long ride with decent mountains and thoroughly enjoy yourself. In the Alps or Pyrenees you might just climb the mountain and nothing else, you can end up doing a very difficult ride bit only covering 20 miles total.

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    Agreed, I’ve avoided Cotic because of the slack seat tube angle. Would love to have one if they just changed that.

  • Possibly because mechanical gears rarely fail, the only issues I’ve had with mechanical gears in 30 years of riding are Mtb abuse related. On a well prepped professional road bike you’re most likely to get your gears slightly out of adjustment, something a mechanic can easily remedy.

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    Another vote for Crudcatcher fender XL. It’s not a looker but very easy to fit/adjust and on a recent ride in pouring rain/mud without glasses I didn’t get anything in my eyes which says it all.

  • I’m running non boost cranks on a boost frame, 32t oval ring, SLX cranks and no issues

  • I had a Mattoc and would switch between 160-130mm depending on what I was doing. It didn’t climb very well either way but I felt it descended better with 160.

    A lot of my problem probably comes from the fact I’m 6’5″ and it meant my saddle was very high and well over the back wheel. Thank god bikes are getting bigger!

  • If you want something good for singletrack that requires pedaling then I would think weight is as much a factor as geometry

  • Yes, my new hardtail has a 64° head angle and 9cm longer reach than my old Cotic BFe. It climbs significantly better than the Cotic, there is a steep hill at Woburn that on a good day I could get up on the Cotic but would require a lot of skill in trying to keep rear wheel traction and stop front wheel lift. I climbed it the other day in terrible…[Read more]