• Another +1 for the WhatsApp tracker, does everything it says above, plus you can share your location to a WhatsApp group. I find it handy for meeting up with the usual group rides and sharing location with all the family.

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    Ok, I’m going to go against Forum general opinion here but I have hunt trail wides on one bike and hope pro 4 / DT XM481 on the other. On paper they’re similar weights but I think hunt have achieved this by paring down the hub and spokes as much as possible to compensate for excess weight in the rim. Also the hunt hubs, although well sealed are…[Read more]

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    The shop was open as usual last Friday.

  • My daughter moved up to an XS Kona Blast a few weeks before her 10th birthday. Other than fitting a set of 680 bars that I had lying around and a youth saddle, it fitted her perfectly fine straight away.

  • I’ve run oval rings and shimano mechs for years. The only problem I’ve had was with an M8000 mech which had zero grease in and the cage seized up mid-ride. A quick strip, clean and grease and it’s been right since. I’ve noticed M8000 mechs have an oil port on the bottom so a few drops of light oil in the hole every few months should go a long way…[Read more]

  • I run the standard ispec a/b lever with tech 3 brakes and I find the position of the lever to be spot-on for me. Personally I think the the LA lever would get in the way but I have quite wide hands. There’s about 5mm of side to side adjustment in the lever position and the LA lever is 10mm longer than standard.

  • I have a similar experience to kelvin, in that I couldn’t get the zee to work with anything bigger than 36. Switched the cage for a oneup RadR cage and now works happily with a 42. They’re like hens teeth to get hold of these days though.