• Houns

    Soon as this barbaric ‘sport’ is banned the better, it has ruined our countryside.

    How do you reckon that then Houns? If it wasn’t for grouse shooting for example, heather moorland would be left to the sheep and over grazed, impacting biodiversity and threatening this delicate ecosystem. The UK has about 75% of the world’s hea…[Read more]

  • 700km and 11,000m of climbing. Definitely a decent year by my standards.

  • Running jackets – been using of one of those new North Face Futurelight running jackets for the last couple of months. Really like it but two caveats – firstly, I didn’t pay anywhere near full price so that obviously impacts on my view of “value”. Secondly, I don’t think any fully waterproof jacket is breathable enough for coping with the amount…[Read more]

  • dashed replied to the topic Pheasant breast recipes in the forum Chat Forum 4 days ago

    Casserole, curry, rissotto etc – roasting skin off breasts is pretty much guaranteed way to dry and cardboard-like meat!

    Pheasant Normandy is also a good one – cream, apples, onions etc

  • dashed replied to the topic Christmas Wine in the forum Chat Forum 6 days ago

    Oi, oi, oi! I’m not having gamay insulted like that!! Perfect match for something heavy and cheesy in the mountains at lunchtime 🙂

  • Of all the things I was expecting in this thread, home printers was somewhere close to the bottom of the list! I’ve not clicked through the mumsnet link but I can confirm that my home printer (newish HP) is indeed a prick.

  • A distant neighbour

    I’m hearing all this stuff 3rd hand

    I feel the need to vent it on.

    I’m struggling a bit here…!

  • dashed replied to the topic Anyone else … tired? in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Yep, I’m in this boat. Been a busy year but nothing crazy. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been but a few back to back colds thanks to a toddler at nursery has left me pretty washed out. I just can’t seem to get enough sleep at the minute and wake up feeling tired even after a good night. Looking forward to a decent break at christmas.

  • I’ve got a bit of a marathon itch. Don’t think 2020 will be the year for me though as doubt I’ll have the chance to put the mileage in. I was never really a runner until a couple of years ago and generally do a couple of 10k ish runs a week, plus one or two shorter ones. I’ve done a half marathon distance fell race but that’s literally the longest…[Read more]

  • Any exciting weekend plans?

    Unexpected parkrun tomorrow for me as missus has flu and we’ve had to cancel a weekend away. THere’s a new one just started about 400m from our house so I’ll go along and show my support I reckon. Won’t be breaking any records after a filthy cold all week though.
    Then prob a club run on sunday morning.

  • Anything waterproof on your feet for running offroad is a bad idea. They’ll just fill up with water / sweat and your feet will be sloshing around in little bags of water.

  • NOt heard or Marcothon – I might try that!

  • trail_rat

    So if I’m sat in the “straight ahead” lane at traffic lights and some tit deliberately uses the “right turn only” lane to try and jump the queue and then aggressively barge in front of me, I’ll have a few shouty words, flashing of lights and a bit of horn

    To be fair if they indicate I don’t mind them moving over . Really don’…

    [Read more]

  • brant

    So if I’m sat in the “straight ahead” lane at traffic lights and some tit deliberately uses the “right turn only” lane to try and jump the queue and then aggressively barge in front of me, I’ll have a few shouty words, flashing of lights and a bit of horn

    Stop driving. You need help.

    Woohoo! Here’s the driving god I was searching.

  • Most folk haven’t set out to annoy you personally, they’re just trying to get along, yep they may be bad at driving, but TBH, it’s sometimes confusing if you’re driving around an unfamiliar town, and folk drive slowly or erratically or make poor decisions because they’re stressed.

    That sort of thing doesn’t bother me – the kind of thing tha…[Read more]

  • I just can’t seem to help myself reacting to folk driving like tits. I’m not an aggressive driver normally, pretty laid bad, let folk out of junctions, trundle along at 70mph on the motorway, have done some advanced driver training etc but I don’t half go off it if someone does something stupid.

    I know all the logical stuff – let them get on wi…[Read more]

  • dashed replied to the topic Kendal Mountain Festival in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago



    In contrast the Rapha road bike session was the most excruciating thing I’ve ever sat through at Kendal

    Worse than the Bike Night about 3 yrs ago where the 50:1 crew got really pissed and leary and Ed Oxley decided that a beer on stage (for the presenters only) would be a good plan??

  • I’ve got sub-20 PR and sub-45 10k goals in mind. I think the latter is going to be easier than the former! I am currently at 48m for 10k (running on my own), so I reckon 45m in a race shouldn’t be that far away. The sub-20 parkrun seems a long way off though. I’m at 22m at the minute and finding another 2 mins is going to be hard! Definitely need…[Read more]

  • dunno about car boot space but the fact that there are 9 dogs all off the lead, I’d give the RSPCA a call anyway

    Dogs off lead shocker. I’d ring the Daily Mail while you’re at it.

    Seriously – wtf? Complete STW over-reaction. There’s no cruelty issue in having x number of dogs or in letting them off the lead (in fact I’d argue dogs need free r…[Read more]

  • +1!

    Gentle club run last sunday morning. I got hooked into racing the last 2 miles with a nice lady who’d spent the rest of the run telling me how she was on a recovery run and saving herself for some event she had coming up. We were both about ready to puke by the time we finished and had a good laugh at each other 🙂

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