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    Not really increased profit if all you’re ever doing is cutting and cutting until you can’t function.

    Depends how much you are taking out and how short term your view is.

    The Tory way is to grab it all now and screw the consequences.

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    Plus a lot of people are racist to some degree. They may not openly admit it but when given some options that appeal to their inner racist they like them. The options are made up and not based on fact of course but that is where the stupidity comes in and they just believe it.

    Better known as populism.

    Totally this.

    I am hearing a lot about…[Read more]

  • Use Clip Art to create a ‘modern art’ type label, bottle it up and sell it to men who wear half-mast trousers with no socks for £8 a pop.

    Or market it as a ‘taking the waters’ type purgative and sell it to girlfriends of men who wear half-mast trousers with no socks for £8 a pop.

  • If you are going to use plusgas there, make sure you remove your brake pads and also try to seal a plaggy bag around the disc!

  • Because we are talking axles on forks here, I suspect the bolt will be made of a harder metal than the GX1 crank bolt I decimated yesterday with a normal HSS drill bit in about five minutes. Just in case it isn’t, and you are not arsed about the bolt or the axle (and could get a new extractor cap) then just try to drill a small pilot hole in the m…[Read more]

  • Just went to remove my Dub cranks and found that the retainer on the self-extracting bolt has disappeared entirely.

    Nightmare. Weird too, the retainer on my old cranks was so tight I reckon it had been put in by Geoff Capes.`Best of luck, one story ends and another one begins….

  • First things first, thanks to everyone who tried to help, STW is great for stuff like this.

    Well, I can confirm that GX1 crank bolts are made of something mild. Cheddar or Wensleydale would be my guess. No need for extractors or shizzle like that. A standard HSS drill bit reduced the bolt head to a small pile of swarf in a little over five…[Read more]

  • Alloy should drill quite quickly/easily

    My hopes are centred around the bolt being described as ‘alloy’. It rounded and chewed up surprisingly easily, so that is what I am clinging on to. If I end up drilling the head off I am going to ‘persuade’ the crank to leave the spindles with a length of broom handle and a hammer.

    I just want rid of the…[Read more]

  • Please leave for another time, the flooding in the surrounding areas is huge, we’ve had a months rainfall yesterday in a day and everything will be better left for another day.

    From a ‘trail conditions’ point of view I would just be prepared to get very wet and muddy. Trails are trails and use means they get a bit muddy from time to time. Mud i…[Read more]

  • I bought the extractor set from Screwfix. They rounded off like toffee.

    I suspect this may happen to me too.

    I drilled mine out and ruined the crank arm in the process.

    I think this is what I will end up doing. Although I don’t care about the crank – stupid design has burnt its bridges with me.

    Swear tin was overflowing that…

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  • I’m still ruminating on this as I decided to cool down a bit and leave it until after my usual mid-week night ride and weekend ride. I can then dedicate a bit more time to it…..

    I am feeling moderately optimistic about the softness of the bolt. When I was whacking various torx heads and screwdriver bits into it, it chewed up really easily. I’m…[Read more]

  • I’m getting more worried the more posts I see!

    My only priority is to get the bastard out so I can replace the cranks and BB. I am going to stick with my plan above and if necessary just keep going until the bolt is drilled out in its entirety. If absolutely necessary I will borrow an angle grinder and cut the crank off. My only real priority i…[Read more]

  • Once you’ve got the head of the bolt off, have you considered how you’re going to get the crank off?

    If I have removed the head I would assume a little bit of ‘persuasion’ would be all that would be required?

    My plan (such as it is):

    Use the recess to my advantage in the only real way – spray a pool of penetrating oil onto it and leave for…[Read more]

  • Stainless steel bolts ?

    No idea TBH. Whatever comes with GX1. The head of the bolt seems very soft, but as for the shaft, no idea really.

    I am getting some bolt extractors from screwfix to see if they will do the job.

    Bastard thing!

  • Thanks. I will research these reverse drill bits. Presumably if they don’t grab and extract, you keep going until the head comes off?

  • To cut a long story short, I have managed (through a combination of ineptitude and temper) to round off the crank bolt on my GX1 cranks. I was going to replace the whole lot with Shimano stuff as the design of the GX1 cranks has pissed me off for a long time.

    After an initial slip with my proper crank bolt Allen key, I removed the self extractor…[Read more]

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    The Pistols were as much of a confected boy band as One Direction. Tell him that, the self-obsessed ladypart.

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    What, no Isla Fisher? Is disappoint.

    Oh and…

    Gillian Anderson is playing Mrs Thatcher in the new series of the Crown.

    That’ll be one of my more challenging w@nks

    Made me spill my tea, you blighter.

  • Wouldn’t a lot of go away if we actually collected tax that was being evaded in the first place? Note the word ‘evaded’.

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    They do love their authoritarianism though, those lefties.

    And they don’t seem to like our Jewish friends very much

    To be fair, though, the USSR wasn’t exactly pro-Jewish either and they liked their authoritarianism there too. There you go, a bit of balance.

    In any case, I will probably vote Labour as that is the most effective counter to…[Read more]

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