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    people in the party don’t have a much time for her due to her spending the last few years promoting herself by trashing the party and it’s leadership. Good riddance.

    But people outside the party seem to like her a lot and labour not listening to the people was the reason they got creamed in the last GE. Also, she may have been trashing the…[Read more]

  • I’ve got both SRAM (Force1 GXP) and Shimano (XTR/DA) both of which use CK BBs of various types. Both are very easy to install and seem to work just fine. The only problem I’ve had is when using a Force1 crankset on my Niner’s Biocentric BB and finding that the end plates on the BB changed the BB width just a little. The result was that you…[Read more]

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    They are awesome but where do you store them?

    The SSD fits quite nicely on a shelf, but the voluptuous rear of the ISD means that it can’t really go anywhere. I’ll keep it for a month and then have to sell it on.


    That’s awesome! But how do the orchids fair on that windowsill?

    Fine in late Autumn to early s…[Read more]

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  • I’ve had a park Ts2.2(?) for 7 years and have built probably about 30+ wheels using it. I have little doubt that it’s more accurate than a frame build as it’s also got feeler gauges for roundness and trueness. It’s a very pleasant experience, sitting in front of the TV with it clamped to a small side table, building wheels. My wife doesn’t…[Read more]

  • It’ll not have any effect on the rim. Personally, I couldn’t (and didn’t) leave it (a piece of loose carbon) when it happened to me. I could only hear it at home or when wheeling the bike, but just knowing it was in there really pissed me off.

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    Barrow is, sadly, a hole. You may be able to see one of the new Astute class submarines in the wet dock from the bridge, but that’s about it. Uk Weston is about 10 miles away and the Farmers pub is worth a visit. Kendal is about 30 miles away and is really nice.

  • Mango Bikes will see you a complete 120mm rear wheel with a 16t freehub for £75 and there’s a 15% discount for Jan so £65.

  • chakaping

    Open question – Has anyone actually been excited about buying one of the current crop of brown and beige frames?

    I did quite like that Scott Foil 10 Disc in the previous page in its bronzy/brown, but then, I bought a BMW Z4M in what other would consider “poo brown” (Sepang Bronze)

  • I quite like a subtle or class look to a frame, but can be tempted by a bright one if it suits the design.

    With a subtle coloured frame, I like to provide a component accent, but again, it must be small.

    I tend to do Hubs or bolts, but never both and never hub, headset, seatclamp, bolts, rotors, cranks chainrings together or any combination of.

  • Colours and excessive branding will put me off a frame/bike.

  • Yup. See the On One Space Chicken Freeranger. Gopping colour, stupid name, horrible branding. Yours for £1500.

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    For me, with similar brakes, it needed the rotors and pads replaced. Genuine Shimano Resin Pads and new rotors fixed the issue.

    Later I had the dreaded leaking calliper and nothing would fix it.

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    That colourscheme is glorious

    It’s really not. A bike is for life, not just for Easter.

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    I’ve been running road tubeless on non-specific rims and tyres for over 4 years.

    I’ll admit that with the advent of proper tubeless road tyres, it’s substantially easier to do. The rims (tubeless or not) don’t make much difference so long as the sidewall isn’t too tall.

  • I’m no accident investigator, but that looks like the sort of damage you could get on a wing where the engine had let go?

    The fan blades would likely be contained by the engine cowling – it’s what it’s designed to do. Similarly the turbine blades would be contained by the core. Only a UERF of the discs would make it out to the wing. The d…[Read more]

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    This all sound like a really good way to spoil a good ride, run or swim by introducing a load of faff and gear bullshit into all of them?

  • Mine is 19 miles each way which I do 3 times per week in the winter (I only work 4 days). It’s a mix of B-road, A road and shared cyclepaths with about 20 traffic lights and roundabouts. Climbing is about 300m each way. In 2018 my average speed for this was about 26-28kph meaning the ride took about 60-70 minutes at an estimated average power of…[Read more]

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    The car should come with 2 cables – A 3 pin slow charger and a 7-14kw charger cable (usually looks like a blue python). I went with a tethered wall charger as I didn’t want to be pissing about in the rain, opening various aspects of the car just to get a cable.

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    A tale of 2 Blockade Runners 2001-2019:

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