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    lezyne macro duo 700 has a nice beam pattern. Have cat eye volt 400s too which are great for commutes but bright concentric rings are very noticeable in unlit areas which I find quite distracting and unpleasant.

  • Got a Dirty Disco for exploring. Exploring = oops this trail really isn’t appropriate. Rare that I get off mind, normally just laughing my erse off. Never flatted and always run 50PSI and seems reet, tho have broken spokes and replaced hubs more frequently than on MTB

  • “we need to boost the economy and research shows the best way to do this is by cutting corporation tax.” Can’t remember which Tory MP I heard claim this on a Radio 4 interview on increasing revenue through taxes. I guess the extra taxes will come from the plebs, since we have so much money already.

    Also, “we [the Tories] believe everyone should…[Read more]

  • Even with marvellous advances in medicine, your pension/retirement is far from guaranteed – live for now

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    Some corkers here lads n lasses!

    My worst ride ever isn’t on a list of great anecdotes, beset on all sides by adversities, mechanicals, and injuries. It was Dirty Reiver this year and I simply could not enjoy any of it after the first fifteen miles – it actually put me off riding. Got a teepee the night before and after, woke up with frost on the…[Read more]