• and don’t particularly care about breaking the law

    aslong as everything is configured correctly you can have bigger gears and still be within the law. Pretty sure DezB is just talking about utilising assist on all hills and getting up to 15 then using higher gears to cruise/downhill at higher speeds under own power.

  • D0NK replied to the topic Tyres for Stans Crest rims in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    dont just pump them up to 70psi, I had a tight tyre pretty much explode – the bead snapped, BOOM! If you’re setting it up tubeless put washing up liquid on the bead/rim. If you’re using tubes then plenty of talc in the tyre.
    If you get up to 40-50 and it’s not in place then lower the pressure and try to manipulate it into place. This will be…[Read more]