• I can get my XL RocketMAX and another big 29er in the back of my short wheelbase without taking the wheels off. You just load the diagonally top and tail. More than that and you just need to pop the front wheels and you’ll get five bikes plus kit in no worries. Long wheelbase will be super easy to get bikes in.

  • I’ve got a short wheelbase crew cab, and I think the issue about them feeling like a ‘van’ is due to spec. The basic specs are very crude, but I have the Limited spec and it’s got all the toys – proper interior lining, multi adjustable heated seats, air con, bluetooth hands free phone, voice control stereo and phone, cruise control, the lot. The…[Read more]

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    I would agree with @petercook80 about bar width and forks. I run 770mm measured over the ends of the bars, so they’re actually about 755mm measured across the bare handlebar. I did a whole bunch of testing with this a couple of years ago, if you want to have a read:

    Also agreed on forks. I put an extra 6 psi in my forks…[Read more]

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    @mccraque Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. From reading all this I can’t think of any red flags in terms of what you’re doing and how you’re setting up the bike. Definitely try more height at the front though. Longer bikes can allow you to use a much higher bar that you might be used to on a shorter bike, because you don’t need the low bar to…[Read more]

  • @fathomer If you have a FlareMAX, the SolarisMAX will feel familiar then. I can’t deny that! Maybe a look at the current Gen5 Soul might be the thing?

  • Yup, no room for a wishbone on the small.

    @fathomer The SolarisMAX will feel wildly different to your Soul if it’s pre-Longshot. The new SolarisMAX sort of doesn’t understand it’s a hardtail, so you’ll definitely be able to get into rowdier terrain with more confidence. Get a demo and you’ll see what I mean.

  • @kingofbiscuits The Renthal Fatbars (same as we offer as a build option) are a similar shape to Calver bars, but available in 38mm. I’ve been using some Spank Vibrocore bars for a couple of months which are really comfy too and they have a 40mm option.

  • @twrch No worries! Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  • @kingofbiscuits As I mentioned, it doesn’t ride badly with 140 – far from it – it just tips the balance towards bombing down rather than flick/flack singletrack. I know what you mean about the front end though. I’m tall and ride an XL and I ended up with 38mm rise bars on my SodaMAX (same shape, ti frame) with 120mm forks.

  • @ductions Ace! The Red Dwarf is such a rad colour. Good call. And don’t apologise about 130mm forks. They will be great, I really am talking about just tailoring the bike to suit certain conditions, but it certainly doesn’t ride badly with any of the different forks, it’s just degrees of awesome 😉 Excited for your first ride. I love getting new…[Read more]

  • @twrch It’s not just about the angles. The shorter fork and shorter front centre and lower front end all will help sharpen up the steering response as it will be easier to weight the front wheel. It’s also a little more centre for seated climbing too. My personal preference is for 120mm on these bikes, and you can tell the difference despite it…[Read more]

  • 27.5 Plus on the droplink bikes is very terrain dependent. My view having tested both is that I much prefer 29″. The rollover capability is better, and the big 2.4/2.5″ tyres we use now don’t give away much to the 2.8s on the 27.5 Plus. The big upside for me is that on bermed trails the Plus tyres tend to move and squirm whereas the 29er don’t, so…[Read more]

  • @ductions The McQueens are great, but don’t be fooled by your Rebas. 120mm on those will have felt a bit sketchy because they’re not as stiff as the McQueens and the Boardman has less progressive geometry. For what you’re looking at riding, go 120mm. The geometry of the SolarisMAX means it will feel more than capable on the downs, and this setup…[Read more]

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    @garryfmacdonald Good to know we’re on your list. We don’t have a demo day booked for Scotland yet as we’re planning the 2020 tour right now, but we’ll definitely be coming up. We love it! Best thing to do is email and let them know which size FlareMAX you’d like to ride and where you are and they will factor that into the…[Read more]

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    @lawman91 The only reason some size/colour options have gone out of stock is because we buy Escapades in batches big enough to last a year so if we get a run on some options they sell through. Next restock (and a new colour although we haven’t decided what that is yet) isn’t due until late April 2020.

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    Yeah, Roadrat is no more. As currently guessed above, the Escapade outsells it to such an extent that it didn’t make sense to do another run. Had a good go though – continuous production from 2006 to 2019.

  • First and foremost, really try and get on a demo day. As mentioned above (and having ridden at Redlands just yesterday) the FlareMAX is probably the better bike for what you need, and don’t underestimate it for a big mountain trip. Despite “only” 125mm rear travel, with 140 forks, a big front brake and some tough tyres it will be great in the…[Read more]

  • I’d echo the comments above – The DB Air CS is the better option. Runs really low pressure, and on a linear bike like the Orange you’ll have options to add volume spacers to increase the progression to give you better support.

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    Firstly, thanks for the interest in the RocketMAX. As for coil, I would disagree that they’re a ‘must have’ for heavier riders as they use up the travel more easily than an air shock. It’s about the type of air shock. The smaller can shocks can run out of puff for larger fellas, but we find riders are much, much happier on the big can DB Air CS…[Read more]

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