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    This is not about RRP; it’s resale price maintenance (RPM).

    Which can amount to the same thing. Is there any Brand of note that doesn’t tell retailers what to sell products for, when to discount and by how much? Bikes, parts, Adidas, Nike, watches, cars, fuel. Thaie are the ones I know about. I’m pretty sure it’s how you protect the value o…[Read more]

  • Well I picked up one of these for a tenner. Ymmv.


    The Roger Musson (I think) book has plans for building one out of wood that seems pretty well regarded.

  • Tar and bug remover is diluted IPA (about 10% IIRC, the rest is water with some surfactants). I

    Not the Autoglym stuff – that’s got naptha and xylene and pgbe and some very dilute slightly acidic stuff, can’t recall what. Don’t think it’ll do much to dried paint though. If you aren’t confident about clay bar, you could try one of the prewax…[Read more]

  • I don’t think Dave was doing any of those jobs himself, so the concern has to be that the existing staff and company culture won’t change.

    That was my slightly tongue in cheek point. If they aren’t as good as him at setting up a culture of marginally passable QC, it doesn’t bode well when he leaves…….

  • ! Bit Messy, or bad bad?

    Not structurally a problem by the looks of them. There are pictures on the big dog thread of a rear brake mount. Bizarrely good snakeskin on a fugly weld, which also looks to be filling a larger than normal gap. Pretty uneven. At a guess I’d say the welder couldn’t get the right combo of wire feed and current to get…[Read more]

  • Can I just say firstly none of you individually are good enough

    Maybe they aren’t but they might collectively be able to turn out bikes with the stickers on the right way around. Also, maybe do something about the awful welding on the big dog.

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    I forget if you are vegan or vegetarian? Can you eat yoghurt? If so, get some that have active cultures of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus possibly with added bifidobacteria. Really helps with that. Unless you are taking ciproflaxon (?), it interferes with the absorbtion of that.

    If you can eat yoghurt you can get the…[Read more]

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    If you notice a pinkish or reddish line snaking upwards that looks it might be following an artery/vein, get thee to the doctor for with, that’s septicemia.

  • Funnily enough starting isn’t a huge problem unless I really don’t want to do it.

    Interestingly I don’t tend to do stuff I want to do in place of tedious tasks. I seem to have the “you should do this before you have fun” then just sit there not doing it while I think about all the other things I could do.

    Which is pretty common to both proc…[Read more]

  • A fair amount of research evidence coming through now that suggests that there are certain ‘universal’ elements to learning (e

    Largely as a complement to what we understand about visual vs auditory vs reading as the most efficient way to remember/ recall but also, and more importantly, understand information. That’s what I was referring to.

  • Many of us probably have a good idea of how our own brains work.

    Not so sure about that. Lot of people don’t seem to know what the best learning style is for them.

  • Out of interest, how do you find that out?

    If you Connect to the OBD port, you’ll get a reading directly from the sensors, which is more accurate than the speedo. Then I did a couple of trips with the sat nav,/osmand
    Then when a mate took his car to a rolling road for testing I asked them if they’d test it for few quid extra.

    and cannot…

    [Read more]

  • Was caught speeding by 4mph (in a 30 zone) a

    Jesus, that’s a fine margin. I know for a fact that my speedo reading is out by more than that.

  • Whack it with a hammer until it is the required thinness

  • Forget ‘medical’ diagnoses, it’s just part of the normal range of human character traits.

    Unless it isn’t then a medical diagnosis and appropriate treatment make life livable.

  • Bought the a potensic branded one off Amazon. Took a bit of time to get it working with my Android tablet (permissions seemed no to play nice). Worked right off on the laptop. Works well, short focus though (around a foot, iirc). Has saved me a lot of time and swearing when trying to fish wires.

    Sprinkle a it of talc around, you’ll soon see…[Read more]

  • There is also the WSR- II and WFIRS-S and SNAP-V-26

    Iirc one of the really good indicators is the test, I forget the name, where they flash the name of a colour in a colour, either matching the name or not. You have to identify the colour that is being named, not the colour the letters are written in. People with eg ADHD, don’t do well in that…[Read more]

  • No I’ve not, not even sure how you do! It is something I’ve considered.

    You could start by googling self assessment tools, like the ASRS. Some are better than others but they’ll give you a bit of a guide. Then follow up with your GP, or better yet, see if there is a specialist in your area. Lots of non-specialist types still don’t believe it…[Read more]

  • Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) really needs diluting for paint work, re

    I knew that was true on water based clearcoats – also true for powder coat?

  • Patronising or what!

    Apologies to any thin skinned types.

    Doubling down. Nicely played.

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