• I’m not MNPR but the Dirt Factory is only a few minutes away from where I work so if you need someone to make up the numbers and you all promise not to laugh too much at my ancient 26″-wheeled MTB, I’d be up for that.

  • crazy-legs replied to the topic if humans were wiped out ? in the forum Chat Forum 21 hours ago

    There were a couple of drama-documentaries on this back in early/mid 2000’s. At least one of them is on YouTube if you search for “what if humans disappeared”.

    Short term it’d be pretty disastrous – a whole load of domestic animals suddenly turning feral, lots of short-term pollution from waste, fires and so on and probably a lot of wildfires…[Read more]

  • Ooof. Finger boy messes up yet again. I wonder if we’ll see a punch up in the pits

    He’d deserve every punch he got. He can’t be that far off a one-race ban the number of penalty points he’s got. That’d be funny.

  • crazy-legs replied to the topic Shane Sutton in meltdown in the forum Bike Forum 22 hours ago

    “And where is Brailsford? Not heard a peep from him.”

    Hadn’t he disappeared off to Sky by that point? I know there was a “connection” of staff and resources for a while but that got stripped out and Dave B went off to be full time Sky while SS got promoted to be in charge of Team GB.

    And anyway, if he’s not been asked to give evidence, the…[Read more]

  • The Wild Atlantic Way ride too – Dublin to Cork (going anti-clockwise!)
    I think there’s now a shorter version of that, starting right up in the north of Ireland so it’s a sort of Irish End-to-End.

  • Big squashy lumps of what looks like fat flopping around under the tape reducing my connection with bike and making my bars look hideous? No, no I don’t use those.

    Good on the CX to help absorb the bumps. I consider them essential on the Three Peaks!

  • You don’t need to post loads of stuff and certainly never ever get into a debate on Twitter – just have a standard copy/paste reply for anything that needs more in-depth interaction (complaints, detailed customer enquries etc).

    4 or 5 posts a week is fine, just stuff to show a close up before/after pic of a repair and something like “look what @bi…[Read more]

  • I can put you in touch with a freelance social media / copywriter / journalist friend of mine if you want? She specialises in cycling and general “active/outdoors” stuff and she’s only just over the hill from Sheffield.

    She could at least get you set up, following the right accounts and a few introductory tweets, get the FB, IG and Twitter all…[Read more]

  • Awaiting the FoI requests to the council as to how much money they’ve squandered on this over the last 2 years.

    If the complainant is who it’s alleged to be (local councillor) he should be sacked for misconduct in a public office.

  • Your best bet is

    That gives live service updates, cancellations, short-form notifications etc.

  • Where from / to?
    Some services are more likely to see cancellations than others…

    It’s not unheard of for a service to show as on-time right up until you’re standing on the platform with 3 minutes until it’s due then it’ll show as cancelled….

  • crazy-legs replied to the topic Shane Sutton in meltdown in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    The opposite IMHO. It seemed like he was being bullied, a neutral would probably sympathise with him.

    His responses in the Culture, Media & Sport “jiffybag” enquiry were exactly the same. Aggressive, demanding, questioning why that was relevant, evasive, denials.

    Again, he wasn’t being bullied, he was simply being asked questions he didn’t want…[Read more]

  • crazy-legs replied to the topic Cycling kit staples in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    Arm and leg warmers.
    Buff – I have dozens, almost always free ones from events.
    Overshoes – I tend to buy relatively cheap ones, they do a season on road shoes then get moved to MTB shoes where (at a push) they last a winter of CX/gravel/all-purpose riding and end up in tatters from walking on them. But at least they’ve kept the shoes clean and dry!

  • crazy-legs replied to the topic Rollers: I need help! in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    Set the rollers up with the centre of the front roller a tiny fraction behind the centre of the front hub.

    Put a small light on the bars and set the spot against the far wall then watch that (stops you looking down). It does not need to be a massive thousand lumen job, a tiny little key ring single LED works best.

    Bigger gears help, gives you…[Read more]

  • WhatsApp has a location tracker, you can set it for 15 mins, 1hr or 8hrs and you can turn it off anytime you want.

    I use it all the time if I’m driving/riding to visit friends, family etc or trying to meet up in an unfamiliar location. Saves constant texts or calls of where are you?, are you running late?…

    It only uses battery and data when…[Read more]

  • I reckon I could train for the ups in 18 months time but I detest steep road bike descending; doing 25%+ descents with loads of other cyclists (and cars) around me fills me with dread.

    Hardknott is closed for the FW now so no cars to worry about.
    Big tyres, disc brakes and a degree of common sense help on the descents. There’s almost always…[Read more]

  • Another vote for just biting the bullet and buying a new bar-mounted light. Exposure are fantastic – great lights, easy to use/charge, superb customer service.

    I’ve just got a new Toro which, on maximum power is insanely bright but drop it down a bit and it’ll last 36hrs too!

    Always used Diablo before for both bar and helmet but now the Diablo…[Read more]

  • Yeah that happened on the a57 snake pass yesterday evening. Several cars got flats on raised drain covers

    I rode over Snake Pass earlier this evening. All passable with a bit of care – actually I reckon it was easier by bike than car.

  • crazy-legs replied to the topic Cycling a million miles in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    since starting work in 1982, when I started cycling I reckon I have done around 170 000 miles with mtb and commuting miles added together.

    When I bought my Specialized Langster SS road bike in about 2005 / 2006 (it’s the first generation one, black, straight blade alu forks), I put a wired cycle computer on it. I think I’ve changed the computer…[Read more]

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