• The Qark arrived on Friday, and I second what @AlexSimon says about it – the light is incredibly smooth across the beam, with no artefacts, and it’s the first light with a zoom that’s actually functional that I’ve come across; usually on the narrowest beam the actual emitter comes into focus, with the Qark it’s a smooth bright circle.
    I like th…[Read more]

  • Well I would sunshine ..but this is the closest thing I get to an online presence..I will leave that sort of thing to the likes of yourself seem to know a good deal about it ..

    Ever thought about not having any online presence at all?

  • I’d just stick a photo of Kylie on the fridge to give her something to aim for.

    Then clear up the smashed bottles and mess afterwards.

  • CountZero replied to the topic Haix Army Boots Comparison in the forum Chat Forum 8 hours ago

    @crikey – the boots I wear are Meindle Desert Fox, ex-British Army issue from eBay.
    I’ve got four pairs, all bar one pair were pretty much unworn, and I didn’t pay more than £38 for any of them, one pair were £28. They retail for £170.
    Two pairs have been worn a lot, one pair practically every day for two or three years, have been resoled but th…[Read more]

  • I’m outdoors pretty much all day, and with the temperature now at around 6 or 7 degrees, compared to 28 or so, I’m not sweating that much either.
    Not sure why that is…

  • As always, lots of outstanding and inspiring photos on here!

    Not taken recently, but I did recently get this film negative drum scanned in order to make a 30″x30″ print of it to hang at home.If you’re not familiar with the process, drum scanning results in a much higher quality file; a typical high res lab scan will result in a file aroun…

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  • CountZero replied to the topic Pleasant musical surprise in the forum Chat Forum 10 hours ago

    Do you mean people who’re actors or otherwise not known as musicians?
    Well, here’s Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson. I’ve got the album this I’d from, and Scarlett’s album of Tom Waits covers and love both of them.

    Then there’s Jeff Goldblum

  • Place I used to work in I had a variety of different jobs, one involved helping sort the incoming mail, which could be up to 170 tubs of mail, with up to 100-150 items in each tub. As the clients were all charities, the mail was all returned ticket stubs with payments, mostly cheques or credit cards, but some were cash. We were on camera all the…[Read more]

  • Wonder what doggy drug prices are like?

    I heard part of a radio phone-in about homelessness and dependency, and someone mentioned the use of dog ketamine tablets, which cost 25p, apparently.

  • Basically Xmas present for my 12yo for listening to music on the way to school etc but ones that don’t block sound for cruising roads etc

    Budget of around 20-30 quid

    That’s the description of a pair of Apple EarPods, the ones that come free with an iPhone. I’ve got several pairs, the latest ones have a Lightning connector.
    I’ve used a variety…[Read more]

  • CountZero replied to the topic Help me take a better photo. in the forum Chat Forum 2 days ago

    i’d absolutely love a smartphone camera that wasn’t a’phone’ as well – one that I could turn on and off at will, one that I wouldn’t be thinking about battery life all the time and all that jazz. It would be great on long trips where recharging is an issue, and it would be tiny and light and fit in a teeny wee pocket out of the way

    But I…

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  • Why do people feel the need to share what is an extremely personal situation with all and sundry on a bike forum …

    Well, I’ve been on this chat side of the Singletrackworld magazine forum for sixteen years, and such topics have been common on the chat forum for as long as I’ve been here – I’m surprised it’s taken you all this time to notice…

  • CountZero replied to the topic Flickr sells our pics? in the forum Chat Forum 2 days ago

    It’s so that YOU can buy a printed copy of YOUR Flickr uploads

    Useful, I guess, if you don’t have access to a photo-quality inkjet or laser printer, but otherwise…

  • CountZero replied to the topic No Time To Die – Trailer in the forum Chat Forum 4 days ago

    I have no issues with any of the Daniel Craig ‘Bonds’, Roger Moore, on the other hand…
    Swapping out the machine guns behind the indicators for miniguns behind the headlights, then doing donuts with them is fantastic, I loved that bit.
    I’m sure a few might get a bit sniffy when they discover there’s a female 00 agent, and have a fit of the vap…[Read more]

  • CountZero replied to the topic Blue Peter in the forum Chat Forum 4 days ago

    & fork handles.

    Fork ‘Andres, you say?

  • CountZero replied to the topic The new cat aids? in the forum Chat Forum 4 days ago

    Seems to only affect the palms of the hands…
    Makes you think…

  • CountZero replied to the topic Queen's speech wgaf in the forum Chat Forum 4 days ago

    Given the choice between our Head of State, and the greater majority of Presidents around the world, I’ll stick with the Queen, but as far as the Queen’s Speech is concerned, whenever my mum used to watch it I’d find something else to do, and now she’s passed, there’s no chance!

  • I’m sorry, but applause is due here!

    Are you really sorry, though?

  • CountZero replied to the topic Donald! Trump! in the forum Chat Forum 4 days ago

    The Queen chastising Princess Anne for not greeting Trump and Anne not giving a single shit is the mood we all need to take into today

    Can’t we just skip a few deadbeats and have Princess Anne succeed the Queen?

    No argument from me. My ex-sister-in-law was very into horses, and one of her besties worked at Gatcombe Park, and Anne was o…[Read more]

  • To change a headlight/sidelight/indicator bulb on my Puma took 3/4 of an hour, and needed a large Torx wrench, which of course every motorist carries, or has kicking around in *that* drawer in the kitchen, to remove the grill, undo headlamp unit retaining straps, a drainpipe, wiggle the entire unit out of the car, take it apart, replace the bulb,…[Read more]

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