• 50 miles around the Downs on the gravel bike today. Still wearing shorts but broke out the fleecy ear muffs for the first time this year – the best bit of winter kit I own except perhaps my MT90 boots. Everywhere, lane or bridleway, was slippery but the beech trees made it worth it. It’s the perfect season for gravel bikes – staying off the…[Read more]

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    I’m off to Tasmania soon so I’ve been listening to Pond’s album:

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    I prefer the alcohol-free me. I’m wealthier, better rested, not a lot lighter (the noticeable weight loss seems to come in months two or three for me – I compensate with cheese and chocolate), and am cheerier and more upbeat (up to a point, I still loathe Brexiters). I’ll continue through November until a blokes MTB trip in Tassie next month.

  • You will discover muscles you didn’t know you had, though the cycling will help. Book a massage afterwards! Also, technique is everything, if you can get into the rhythm everything will flow. I love it. However, there is the temptation to go to far and then remember you’ve got to ski back. Carry snacks and water.

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    Can’t go wrong with a spicy squash soup: nutmeg and turmeric, fresh ginger and garlic, a carrot and onion, roast squash. Am also partial to making a Tuscan-style bean and barley soup with greens. And an Asian-style broth with garlic, ginger, chilli, miso, soy, fish sauce, prawns, greens and noodles. All with homemade stock. Delicious.

  • You’re not being timid! There are stretches of green chalk on some descents in my part of the SDNP that are impossible to walk down let alone ride. Usually on the little-used BWs and under cover.

  • For sale my Santa Cruz Highball 2 complete bike. Two years old, no crashes, extremely good condition. Kit as follows: Frame – XL, suit anyone from 5’10 – 6’2+ Fox…