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    I didn’t realise that it had a name

    Neither did I. I can see the whole eggs from your backyard ‘pet’ chickens being relatively easy to square with yourself. But I’m a person of easy rule – if I had some eggs I think the grey line to someone else’s egg to organic free range eggs would catch me out. So it’s easier to be no eggs at all for me.

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    Whoa there with this use this use both lanes malarkey.

    I see that as the fall back position for when we’ve collectively fucked it up. Whilst traffic is moving freely at a reasonable pace the perfect filter is done without dropping any speed. That needs distance so best done over over half a mile of so. It’s only when some numbnuts fucks it up…[Read more]

  • Don’t see them chasing it down or lasting another 5 sessions (minus any rain) but it would be great for the game if they did.

  • convert replied to the topic Brexit 50p's. Uses for. in the forum Chat Forum 1 day ago for me I think.

    But as my contact with real live money is pretty minimal so my donation will be piffling I pledge to add another 9 non brexity 50 pences to the tainted one for every one I get my hands on until 31st Jan 2021.

  • Alpkit need to careful. They have gone from start up with some nice good value kit and a bunch of (also good value) Chinese catalogue kit with lots of out of stock issues until the next container arrived. Now they have real bricks and mortar shops and a properly broad range of clobber. Their prices are now closer to premier brands which is no bad…[Read more]

  • Golf Rs

    that was going to be my guess

  • As in PayPal gift?

    Or normal PayPal away from eBay?

    Collection or delivery?

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    Split evenly by person. It all comes out in the wash amongst friends.

    If it don’t work like that, they’re not friends.

    Why would it come out in the wash? And what is the wash?

    I have friends who have big appetites and are a bit snobby about what they drink. When they go out regardless with whoever it is they would think nothing of buying the…[Read more]

  • Sorry OP, but I remeber your last post about a ridiculous concept of a aero to the max bike to ride around town and why it matters soooooooooooo much. Then you want to put a pair of shoes like that on it – you utter utter buffoon!

    If your riding is commensurate with you cluster **** of a pair of shoes go buy a hybrid to accompany. It will be…[Read more]

  • You’re much better off comparing stack and reach.


    I have slightly long legs for my height. I also ride 170mm cranks because of a dodgy hip so my saddle is even higher. I’m also middle aged and know that a big saddle to bar drop is not something I have the flexibility for anymore. By big I mean greater than 10cm – 85mm is my sweet s…[Read more]

  • Random aside – what diameter para cord are people using with their tarps (esp for small tarps for ultralight bike packing)

  • ot – Sonos app seems to being killing my iphone battery at the moment. I think there was a new app update in the last few days and now my battery on my otherwise healthy 7+ is dead by lunch and apparently the Sonos app is the bad guy according to my ios setting battery health check. I’m not playing anything stored on the phone so not quite sure…[Read more]

  • I fancy a Alpkit 3.5 for this season. But not in bright chilli red – kind of defeats the point of a stealthy wild camp bivvy spot. Any alternatives (that are the same weight or lighter) or best to wait and see i they will do a kelp 3.5 again?

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    For vegan cheese I follow the “less is more” approach. Often, less equals zero. I was never a big cheese fan anyway.

    I’ve gone down the zero cheese route as I just don’t see a suitable alternative. But I loved cheese. In fact I probably loved cheese a bit too much. A lot too much. My weight loss and change in blood pressure change and cho…[Read more]

  • Yeah – you messed up.

    Blinding someone in charge of a big old machine who can’t see where the road is or anything other than so big ass lights. Not cool.

    Head torches are neither needed or have any place on a road. There is a reason why there is legislation for the maximum headlight height on a motor vehicle. And your bar mounted light should be…[Read more]

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    Sounds like you already are.

    Not sure you can make that leap. Poultry and fish are animals too….

    Being a vegetarian is pretty bloomin easy these days – so many recipes available online and products in the shops.Whilst you don’t want to be vegan the rise of that has certainly made a vegetarian diet easier too.

    Just don’t make cheese too big…[Read more]

  • How long before gov spins this as part of their commitment to support the regions?

    They already have. That was the spin from whatever minister was on the radio this lunchtime.

    100,000,000 is best part of 4 million lots of £26 APD. They apparently transport 8 million passengers a year so that’s quite a backlog of passing on of duties.

    Torn…[Read more]

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    He’s back – great!

    Got to ask about the username – that not going to be an issue bearing in mind the task you have ahead?

  • In 20:20 hindsight I probably did over react, but I’d rather have a grumpy dog than a dead one.

    Do you think ou would have asked more questions and thought harder is you were self insuring? I asked this as a currently pet free house after the last furry friend died a year ago at a ripe old age. We insured her her whole life and never used it (…[Read more]

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    You know how most people recommend the bike they own – that. I think we are programmed to make the best of whatever comes our way. We are more adaptable than we may think we are. I bet there are load of breeders that could have had really enjoyable lives without them and having run their lives again would reflect they had made the right choice.…[Read more]

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