• My hours are 8-4.15, and 8-2.40 on a friday, a 10 minute drive into town, bank closes at 5pm.

    Normal job, 3 miles outside town centre.

    With respect whist your job might be ‘normal’ i.e. average; those are not typical working hours. Certainly not for someone who is office orientated.

    I’m sure you have enough about you and not too egocentric to…[Read more]

  • Me neither. Not for years until today.

    Bloody hell what a depressing experience. NatWest in a perfectly pleasant market town. Shabby as hell inside. 4 counters but 2 clearly not now in used covered in debris and abandoned promotional material and only one of the two remaining actually manned.

    After a 35min queue apparently what I needed was…[Read more]

  • convert replied to the topic Scotland Indyref 2 in the forum Chat Forum 1 day ago

    ahhhh – you can’t type ‘i n before the lock’ – I guess because it is/was a standard phrase on thread about to be closed.

  • convert replied to the topic Scotland Indyref 2 in the forum Chat Forum 2 days ago

    So I have no useful contribution to make!

    I typed……’So in before the lock’ – is this some mod meddling?

  • it is a bit old – couldn’t be bothered to search further. We still don’t know how heavy the OP is but I still say 40psi on the road is too low.

  • 40psi on the road even with a 40mm tyre is very low unless you are very light. What do you weight?

    So if already tubeless it’s not a pinch flat. Could have dented the rim and the air has leaked out. I guess you’ll see when you go home.

  • pinch flat…..answer = tubeless.

    Or put a bit more air in the tyres (what you riding them at currently)

    Or ride with more skillz

  • convert replied to the topic 2019 General Election in the forum Chat Forum 2 days ago

    Could this be the worst weather on election day in history? Surely it will effect turn out? But will is change the outcome too? Personally I’d have liked to have seen a bit more ice on the pavements, you the know the tricky sort that scares older folk back to their tea and bourbons.

  • convert replied to the topic David Bellamy in the forum Chat Forum 2 days ago

    He certainly ended up with a very niche appeal.

    Pro conservation and a massive inspiration to all things natural history to my generation but also oa climate change denier and a gammon (stood for election against John Major for the referendum party in 1997) before Farage was even warmed up.

    I’d love to find an article where he explained his…[Read more]

  • Just a bit of feedback on SDJ Sports……

    On the back of this thread I ordered not the diablo but another exposure light. Showed as in stock with next day delivery. Ordered using paypal but didn’t get any sort of confirmation email from the company themselves.

    5 days past with no email or delivery so just rung them up. It’s not in stock. They…[Read more]

  • convert replied to the topic 2019 General Election in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    Exactly. Since I reached voting age 30 odd years ago I have lived in 3 strong Tory constituencies. It is pretty difficult not to in the counties I have lived in. However, I have voted every time and voted for the party I am most closely aligned to. It is still an extra number for the party even if they didn’t win.

    Don’t get me wrong, as I s…[Read more]

  • convert replied to the topic 2019 General Election in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    I sit here as the clock turns midnight, registered to vote in what is the 36th safest tory seat in the country. I am politically relatively astute and informed. I have done my homework and have a keen idea not only of the national policies of the main parties but the local candidates too. I am ready to do my bit and cast an informed…[Read more]

  • IME running and cycling a given distance are different. Riding 100 miles is easy even without much fitness, you just ride at 80% and eat lots, 6 hours later it’s done. You couldn’t however run a marathon without building upto it. Even walking it (and being in a fit state to repeat it the next day) requires some fitness.

    If I go out with the ‘st…

    [Read more]

  • The kiss and the anonymous title do seem to be at odds. I’d never put an X on a card to someone I line manged.

    If the boss in question has a boss I’d be regifting that on to them. It’s the season of goodwill and all.

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    Just read that. A real shame. Spotify has had me listening to more of her (their) music in the last year than I have in the last 25.

    As a late teen it was a toss up (words chosen with care) between Marie Fredriksson and Wendy James.

    Off to listen to Joyride now.

  • It’s my experience that most wheel builders have a tried and trusted ‘method’ and a reluctant to alter from that unless forced to. I can understand why.

    Out of interest using the same rims and spoke count why have you changed cross pattern between front and rear?

    Are the new wheels disc specific?

    As you already own all the components I’d just…[Read more]

  • There are of course people who would be brilliant health ministers who have exposure to the health service (a nurse might be better than a doctor though) and ex teachers who would be good education secretaries. But that is much more because they are intelligent, understanding, empathetic, sensible, reasoned people with the right understanding of…

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  • Yep.

    First time I genuinely have a chance to complete it – always fallen to man flu, family commitments or just not been fit enough.

    Will be in the highlands for the whole attempt and will need to do most of in hours of darkness not to have bits chopped off for neglecting Mrs C so it’s not going to be an easy box to tick.

  • We (and I’d imagine the Finnish) have a excellent civil service who gets shit done. Our politicians are there to generate policy and direction.

    I’m still of the belief that our politicians should have been something beforehand. Imagine a cabinet where the education secretary had been a teacher, the health secretary a doctor, a defence secretary…[Read more]

  • convert replied to the topic Scott Spark – really? in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    A mtb with mahoosive lithium battery being ridden through a tinder dry forest and the bike being called ‘spark’. That’s your bigger problem.

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