Ben Cokie

  • cokie replied to the topic Getting car costs down… 🙁 in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    I’ve just run our figures.
    2 cars from ’16 (big SUV & small runabout)
    Total costs/month:
    Depreciation: £178
    Fuel: 275
    Insurance: £68
    Parking: £46
    Servicing (@Main Dealer): £500
    Parts (rainy day car fund): £70
    MOT: £10
    Tax: £14.50
    Total cost/month: £711
    Total cost/yr: £8532
    Total cost/mile (25,000 miles/yr): £0.34

    The small car is going soo…[Read more]

  • cokie replied to the topic Nye musing, Rallon or S150? in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    I’ve got a Medium S150 frame, Reverb, headset & brakes for sale if you’re interested?
    I can drop it round if you want. PM/email me if you’re interested and I’ll knock some money off 🙂

  • Hi all, For sale is my 2018  Whyte S150 S frame with shock, Reverb dropper, Sram Level TL brakes front & rear, FSA Headset, Whyte saddle & GXP bottom bracket….

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