• coatesy replied to the topic Orange frame bearing bolts in the forum Bike Forum 1 day ago

    Had some out earlier, but didn’t measure them, i’d reckon they’re either 12 or 16mm length. There’s plenty of thread in the axle, so longer won’t do any harm.

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    Yes, use it with the older type of seal and it weeps past them, the newer low friction jobbies are fine.

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    Best tip I can give is to exercise the caliper pistons (allow them to come out further than normal, then pushem back in), they’re usually stuck to their seals from new, and freeing them up will make an enormous difference to feel and performance.

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    If you’re talking about the horseshoe shaped clips, i’d normally bin them and use zip-ties (face the sharp ends inwards for safety), far more secure.

  • Pretty sure i’ve still got an original dvd from back in the days when I watched mtb videos.

  • Bleeding them can be a convoluted process involving trying to eliminate “high spots” in the system where air can accumulate(take a look at your caliper, for instance. Are the pistons/cylinder bores higher than the fluid inlet and bleed port? If so, there’s potential for air to be trapped, and things will need rotating to release it.) I usually…[Read more]

  • Cleaning and lubing the pistons will make your problem worse, the pistons will slide through the seals and run closer to the disc. Leave them covered in shite like most people do, and the pistons will stick to the seals, the seals will flex and then return, and thus retract the pistons (The downside is more lever travel before anything happens,…[Read more]

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    Given that recent Sram brakes have been known to suffer swollen master-cylinder pistons, i’d guess the OP’s probably hit the nail on the head with his diagnosis of a stuck plunger as it’s exhibiting the symptoms. Replacement pistons are available, though whether genuine ones will go the same way,I don’t know.

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    +1 for Molgrips suggestion, had to fix umpteen Trek road bikes with the same issues last year, the one gear inner being wrapped around the other, and the front shifter then applying or releasing tension on the rear’s cable.

  • Got a similar one on my 07 Five, been like it for years, pretty sure i’ve had them on previous models with no issues too.

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    No reason not to as far as i’m aware, should go straight in.

  • Be aware that the top one is a blind hole, and will probably need a shorter bolt than the other two to prevent it bottoming out before it’s tight.

  • I’ve had to replace quite a few standard bearings on these, they aren’t up to the job being asked of them. Take one out and have close look at it, and you’ll see that the inner joint between the races is unsealed, and thus open to any moisture it’s exposed to. It surprises me how they last a typical british summer, let alone a winter.

  • coatesy replied to the topic Mavic Aksium buzzing freehub in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    Don’t just pull it off, it needs to be rotated at the same time to compress the pawls and stop them catching/damaging the bushing.

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    As Jonba said above, don’t avoid deep breathing, no matter how painful. I avoided it the 2nd time I did mine, and regretted it randomly for the next couple of years, feeling absolutely fine with no pain, and suddenly feeling like i’d had a knife stuck in me when I reached/twisted/stretched past the hidden point that my body had decided was…[Read more]

  • Aztecs seem to work pretty much the same, but aren’t that much cheaper unless you’re in the trade (especially when Madison have a special offer on, I now have enough to last me a few years).

  • Working in an Orange dealer that sells a lot of P7s, I can’t say i’ve come across any fitted backwards from the factory, however, if they’re the tyres I think they are, they do look like they should run in the other direction (personally, I put my hand up when I put one on backwards, and swapped it over, no sense in BSing anyone).

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    Willyboy, appreciate what you’re saying, and use normal spanners when possible, but do enough hubs and you’ll come across plenty with slotted locknuts that you have to use cone spanners on. They’re good in that the spanners don’t slip off easily, but bad in that you’re forced to use a cone spanner.Life (and tools) suck sometimes.

  • Personally, i’d go with the Bontrager rimstrips every time, think they come in at around £6, just snap into place with no faff whatsoever, seat the tyre nicely, and don’t split or come unstuck either. No contest whatsoever.

  • coatesy replied to the topic Decent cone spanners in the forum Bike Forum 2 months ago

    Park have been the best of a bad bunch for me, though in fairness, we’re asking a lot from such a thin piece of metal.I try to use normal spanners on the lock nut whenever possible, though it often isn’t. As for requiring only a light touch, that’s generally not going to undo the vast majority of cones you’ll come across in a bike workshop.

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