• If i’m honest, i’ve never been happy with coated cables, we’ve often found them to feel draggy, and sometimes find the coating seperates and clogs the outer. If we build a bike that’s a nightmare to replace cables on(step forward Trek Madone), we’ll replace the enners with slick stainless before we start. Another thing to consider, you haven’t…[Read more]

  • I also have one of the Norbar ones with the “crappy” plastic adjuster, mine lives in my toolbox, gets used every day, and because it doesn’t get flung across the garage, it doesn’t and hasn’t got broken, and has worked fine for years. Mine has a 1/4″drive 5-25nm range for most of the general bike work, and i’ve also got a Teng 3/8″ drive 20-100nm…[Read more]

  • Doubt you’ll have a problem at Gwyddyr or the Raven at Brechfa. Penmachno has a long and narrow car park, and the Gorlech at Brechfa has small bays, so you may have issues with those.

  • coatesy replied to the topic Michael Bonney in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    Met him quite a few times through work, a lovely guy, will be missed by many.

  • Forget trying to tap it round, and screw extractors, if it’s tight enough to round out the head then you’ll be wasting your time. Drilling the head off is one option, but don’t expect a left-hand drill to unscrew it until the head is removed to release the tension on the threads. By far the easiest option is to find somebody with a mig or tig…[Read more]

  • Can’t help with sizing, but I feel your pain (literally, in two places, one each side of the head), just had to sand back 2 odd shaped lumps moulded into my new Specialized helmet, just to the rear of the forehead, and it took ages. Got no idea why they put them there, I don’t know of anybody with corresponding dents that they’d fit into.

  • I’ve also used a hefty soldering iron to heat and expand seized nipples in the past. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have access to replacements, but it’s got me out of a jam a few times.

  • Hydroshot here too, and a 10l container from GoOutdoors, leaves the muck in the forest where it came from. If yours stops drawing water at any point, disconnect the hose and check the big plastic nut that it pushes onto is tight, mine worked loose twice before I nipped it with a spanner, it’s been fine ever since.

  • The newer type Shimano front mechs can be a real pain to set up, I can usually get them working fine on Shimano’s own chainsets, but struggle to get a good set-up on anything Cannondale have fitted to their bikes. Just guessing, but I suspect the measurements between rings etc. differ from Shimano’s, and knowing how Shimano like to set everything…[Read more]

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    Take whatever advice you want from the above replies, but i’d recommend avoiding anything with a seperate carrier for the lenses behind the main shield, they fog-up too easily, are difficult to keep clean, (and I also found the extra weight encouraged them to constantly slide down my nose). Another good place to buy from are RXSport, very helpful…[Read more]

  • Had a similar “fluttering” sensation from the front brake years ago, most noticable on tarmac, never really caused a problem, and never really tried to cure it specifically, but over a long period of time, I changed everything that could have caused it other than the disc (which, incidentally, was specced by the manufacturer for that brake),…[Read more]

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    Anybody else noticed the remote draining the battery if left plugged in over the course of a week? Mine’s held it’s charge fine for best part of a month without it.

  • It also reduces the chance of cables rubbing the headtube.

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    We often used to find yellow fluid in Shimano brakes on brand new bikes, I guess it was what they had in the factory at assembly time.

  • I’d go for XT rear mech over SLX just for the cartridge bearing jockey wheels, and in 11sp my personal preference is SLX shifters over XT as they have a much lighter release action (though if you get on well with Sram, you may prefer XT.)Not sure if you know, but higher end Shimano shifters have 2 way release, so you can operate them in a similar…[Read more]