• chipps replied to the topic MNPR 10th February – Todmorden in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    You’re making it hard for me to not be there, Daz. 😊

    unless it’s raining, of course. Can’t be doing with that…

  • My nephew got one of those Katanas for Christmas. Great sounds out of them, and pretty simple to use too…

    Did someone mention Gretschs? I’m going to be selling my Cadillac green hollow 5420T if anyone’s keen. In fact, I’m trying to shift a load of gear this spring – I’m trying to cut down on the ‘Ooh, that’s a bargain’ pile of guitars that I…[Read more]

  • chipps replied to the topic Why isn’t there a parkbike? in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    I’ve organised a ‘cross race in a Yorkshire park for ten years… And I’ve just given up – mostly due to the hassle and expense. I didn’t mind organising a volunteer-run event where I never earned any money, but I did object to having to pay for the privilege…

    If you run your event completely off the tarmac in a park, it’s going to cut up, get…[Read more]

  • The 2020 Dyfi Enduro – Now With Bontrager. And On A Saturday!

    It’s just prompted me to send my busted tent pole off to get fixed – the Dyfi is always the first outing of the year for all my camping gear and I inevitably end up finding all of the camping gear that I’d meant to fix, or clean when I get it all out that weekend. I usually end up s…[Read more]

  • Sorry for the late-to-the-thread bump 🙂

    How much driving/charging are you going to be doing. We’ve done 5000 miles in our M3 since October and we still don’t have a home charger. We’ve either charged it at home on 240v/2kw three pin plug, or charged it on longer journeys. So you could just leave it a while until you get the car. Some people…[Read more]

  • chipps replied to the topic Starter Tandem in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    June is full of many crazy things – Frontier300, Tweedlove, Fort William, Mayhem etc…

    I’d be keen to come along/help pitch in, but June is probably (already) out for me.

  • chipps replied to the topic Starter Tandem in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    Good timing – I’ve just put the final missing bits back on my 26in Cannondale.

    Let’s rock!

    Has anyone mentioned the UK MTB tandem FB group too? I think it must be time for another gathering… 🙂

  • chipps replied to the topic Beginner guitar advice please in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    I found a Squier Affinity Strat in a local shop for £109 or something silly to play around with pickups and things. Great guitar.

    Drop me a line if you want, Rik, I might be able to put it back to stock in time for Christmas… 😉

  • chipps replied to the topic Boltby Bash in the forum Bike Forum 2 months ago

    I did the sportive last year and really enjoyed it. I’m not quite sure what the benefit of doing the actual racing version is, apart from a couple more hours in bed…

  • I do a lot of my own setups, having been a guitar shop Saturday boy back in the day, but having a pro setup is a worthwhile treat sometimes. Frets so shiny and a buzz-free action.

  • Who hasn’t forgotten to remove the washer after extracting the bolt From square taper cranks. With the washer still in place, there is insufficient thread to grip the cranks and they strip. Or so I’ve errrr heard.

    I did this, but incredibly didn’t strip the threads out of the crank. Doubly impressive as I was standing on the spanner on the too…[Read more]