• Some great info above.

    I’d add renting a kayak at moss landing / Elkhorn slough and paddling up the estuary to hang out with the sea otters. Super easy and something your 6 year old will love!

  • Sinusitis wouldn’t really give pain in the lower jaw, it tends to give an ache in the upper jaw that seems to affect multiple teeth.

    Grinding or clenching is a potential factor

    Bleeding gums would be unrelated to both of those.

    Really your dentist should have asked you some questions to rule these possibilities out already

  • It might be worth a trip to the gp for some blood tests and maybe a trip to the dentist again as well. If you can get a second opinion from a different dentist in the same practice then even better.

    Broadly speaking, bleeding gums means inflammation in the gum tissue which is either just inefficient cleaning if an area or decent cleaning but an…[Read more]

  • @mikeartroid. Good plan I think! The wave is perfectly shortboardable if you’re a decent shortboarder but a bit if extra fgoam makes the experience lots more forgiving of ability and mistakes!

    The wind affects it a little but not as much as the sea and theres some effect from the water sloshing around as mentioned above. Even with whats…[Read more]

  • 8 ft would be “ok” as long as you can surf it off the tail. It will feel like quite a lot of board though

    My idea of longboarding involves 1 fin, footwork and dangling toes over.

    Id say take your huevo as well. You can leave it on the side of the pool and swap mid session really easily without missing a set if you time it well and paddle fast.…[Read more]

  • Also:

    Both the oral B and the Phillips have good evidence in trials to show they are better than brushing with a manual brush.

    There’s no clear winner between the two brushes in the literature. It often seems like the winner depends on who’s sponsored the research :-/

    That said, most dentists recommend the oral B (although oral b have given…[Read more]

  • the professional view:

    Oral B.

    Pretty much any model. They came up with a great initial design, proved it worked better than a manual brush in the average punters hands then had to keep reinventing more bells and whistles to keep selling it. Dont spend £100 on a toothbrush.

    Don’t be worried about how “high powered” a brush is. The stuff youre…[Read more]

  • I play a real mix and my guitars kind of reflect stuff I’ve been into playing over the years.

    The Sunburst JM I’ve owned for the longest. I was a massive Dinosaur Jr and Swervedriver fan as a teen and I always wanted a jazzmaster as a result.

    The gretsch comes from getting really into Brian Setzers playing. He’s such a good guitarist but not a…[Read more]

  • Ok I’ll play!

    Squier Jag with fender AVRI 65 jag pickups and a Vox AC10

    Fender CIJ Jazzmaster with AVRI 62 JM pups and wiring

    Squier VM Jazzmaster, Creamery P90 pups, custom anodised pickguard, witch hat knobs and mustang style bridge

    Fender Blues deluxe 40w

    Gretsch Electromatic 5120 With TV jones Filtertrons and custom shop wiring s…[Read more]

  • True.

    I think it’s to do with the hangover from times past of what a degree counted for against a vocational qualification. It’s not right but that’s how it currently is

  • Quick reply. My wife is a dental hygienist which is now a uni course but wasn’t when she did the qualification. All well and good for her to have a career as a dental hygienist and she qualified just as knowledgeable and skilled as the current degree course graduates as alluded to above but……

    If she wants to change career she doesn’t have a d…[Read more]

  • Globalti is correct. It’s the same as Invisalign. It’s cheaper than the same kind of system through a normal dentist for the same reason direct bike sales are cheaper than buying from your local shop. It has similar disadvantages.

    Also worth noting that there is a lot more finesse and flexibility in the way teeth can be moved tooth and the…[Read more]

  • Love me a jazzmaster……..

    Japanese fender with 62 AVRI jazzmaster pickups and a Squier VM with custom guard, knobs, mustang style bridge and creamery proper p90s (which aren’t the same as classic jazzmaster pickups – slightly thicker and grittier sound)

    They work well with 11’s and shimming the neck heals the normal Jm bridge behave

  • Where was the FCD from? Didn’t think they were available in the uk? I think the FCD is similar to the tak. Howard designed the huevo as well or at least had a big hand in it. Think the widepoint is slightly further froward on the tak so it surfs slightly more cruisey. I might be tempted if you ever sell!

  • Most definitely mine! It’s a 6’10 Howard Special Mini Takayama egg. Went well there. Enough foam to make it over the fat spots, Whippy enough to fit the wave shape.

    First session there I rode a 9’4 log for three waves ( it’s not a longboard wave!) then switched to a 5’4 quad Simmons thing (mandala superchunk) which worked well there too.

    The…[Read more]

  • Pool toysFresh

    I’ve been twice, it’s great fun. Water is already around 6 degrees which is about 5 degrees colder than the sea at the moment. Not sure many will fancy it any colder than that so not sure how busy it will be in January! It’s shallow so it should warm up quickly in the spring sunshine and suspect it might be warm enough for no wetsuit in midsu…[Read more]

  • As Percy says, it’s free until 19 if you’re in full t8me education. After that it’s normal nhs charges unless she qualifies for an exemption.

    Over 19 if you fill out an HC1 form and make out she’s sufficiently poor enough she might get an hc2 or hc3 certificate which removes all or some of the nhs charges