• Attempted to bleed a reverb whilst it was dropped and no way we could press the plunger in the syringe, some head scratching and discussion later we decided to press the lever and try to press the syringe to be met with a spray of fluid at high pressure. My mate was covered in it I can still see the outline of him on our wall.
    Don’t try bike m…[Read more]

  • Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS watch Superb watch , great for tracking your rides uploading to Strava and impressing your mates.. it tells the time too and measures your heart rate,…

  • Damn and bother etc
    The zip has broken on my Japanther boots as in the runner is only attached to the one side of the zip and appears to have a couple of missing teeth, so no chance of getting it back on…
    They’re out of warranty and Charlie’s no longer in business so before I return to Shimano has anyone had a pair of 45’s repaired ?

  • I’ve run a mudhugger on the rear of my Singular for the last 2 Winters with just the supplied helitape and using all the cable ties and it’s been fine.
    Remove it as soon as the Chilterns dry out and refit for the Winter.
    The tape is doing the job and showing a minor scuff mark from the mudhugger…