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    I reckon I could train for the ups in 18 months time but I detest steep road bike descending; doing 25%+ descents with loads of other cyclists (and cars) around me fills me with dread.

    Some of the descents are really not enjoyable and quite hard work. Partly because of the poor road surfaces.

  • Gran Canaria is great for cycling. Very Climby though… Preferred it to Majorca myself.

  • These things are not universal. Some people just don’t like football. So I can’t exactly stand over my kids forcing them to kick the ball to and fro, can I? Yes, these things are quite cultural and you need to create the culture from babyhood, however a) by the time you realise how this works it’s too late, b) I don’t play or even watch footbal…

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  • It says something when there’s so much talk of kids going to clubs or the gym, as if that stuff is a requirement for staying active. It’s exactly that kind of thinking that’s the problem. If there are clubs nearby, and the kids want to go, great. However…

    Kids are active when you kick them out at 8am for their walk to school.

    They’re active…[Read more]

  • I think there can be a little bit of give. I was unsure about my leather boots when I bought them as they felt ever so slightly narrow (snug). Very comfortable now.

    Make sure you’ve tried them in good thick socks that you intend to walk in though.

  • It saddens me how many parents are worried about letting their kids out the door. It’s almost as if we’ve reached a point where you’ll be judged as a bad parent if you do… Kids glued to digital screens all day long. Completely different world to when we were kicked out the house at 10am and shouted back in at teatime.

  • House prices are generally not expensive in the North, so it depends on what your expectations are on that front.

    Gosforth/Jesmond are the nice bits. Some of the surrounding areas OK. West and East of Newcastle can get a bit shady. But again, depends on expectations and tolerances – I would say in some respects it is not as bad as many major…[Read more]

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    I’ve done 42 miles/4500ft today at 12.5mph (estimated moving time on strava.) So a third of the Fred and there’s no way I’d keep that up for the full distance!!

    Based on that alone (which isn’t a lot to go off, to be honest), I’d say you can expect long day out. Estimate around the 10 hour mark and just prepare to crack on for a full day. 9 hours…[Read more]

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    Spend the money on a more modern phone?

    Definitely consider this route. A lot of top-end phones come with multiple lenses now for rather than using digital zoom. The optical quality may not be up there with a good point-and-shoot, but they’re pretty damn good, and there is a huge benefit in convenience and ease-of use.

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    That’s a sobering read. Life can be shit at times. Good luck on your journey to the other side.

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    Sa Calobra is a baby compared to the big alpine climbs. It does give you a big mountain feel though with some great views and it’s short enough to be enjoyable.

    Hardly any traffic either if you set off at first light.

  • Depends on the terrain. A gravel bike is not faster or more fun when you’re walking…

    Some stuff just begs you for a proper mountain bike with big chunky tyres and squishy forks.

    That threshold can be quite personal I guess.

  • Train prices are crazy. I want to go to London with the other half. It’s £300 on the train, or £50 in the car…

    Yes, you have to factor in the cost of car ownership, but let’s face it, most people in the UK now own or have access to a car. And they’re hardly being encouraged to give them up.

    The fundamental problem is our lifestyles, I d…

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    I think the reason why I remain dry and others do not is twofold. Mudguards and also wearing long lycra that goes over the top of the socks / boots and stops water running down into the socks / boots

    Doesn’t work for me. Obviously different mudguards/lycra/boots may produce different results (I’m using Shimano winter boots too) but it’s not a…[Read more]

  • I bought a really low mileage Corolla years ago … scrapped it in the end as the exhaust fell off…

    Short journeys tend to leave water in the exhaust and they rot from the inside out. There are numerous reasons not to buy a car that has spent it’s life driving 300 yards down the road.

    But, 11k miles is very low. Most cars that have done 100k…[Read more]

  • Just put it into an shares with Vanguard and let them sort out the best portfolio based on your chosen level of risk.

    Based on the 10% return I’ve had in the past year alone, I’d now be up 1.5k on 15k. You’d make a tidy profit over 4 years if you were lucky enough to get that return.

    Of course, with whisperings of recession that may or may not…[Read more]

  • I’m mixed on this one.

    From a developmental perspective I’d say as early as possible. It’s technology they will be using for many years to come.

    In terms of giving them a phone or tablet, and letting them get on with it, alone… Never. Not until they’re a good bit older anyway, and only with limited time.

    At such a young age I’d argue 10…[Read more]

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    Election is a tragic idea right now. The next 5 years of Government decided on Brexit alone. What a shitshow.

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    My Garmin Strap started giving up the ghost after a few years and constantly needed something to keep it working. Swapped for a polar strap using the same Garmin sensor and it’s been fine since.

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