• BB is quite pretty low on the Switch9er frames, a 27+ 2.8 tyre does fit in the back but when I asked Dan about it he said it wasn’t designed for use with plus wheels and a Slackline or Switchback would be better if plus wheels were your thing.

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    Cheers codybrennan i’ll take a look at those for a wet weather option, the fit does look pretty decent. I bit the bullet at the weekend after trying a few options on but bought some Endura Singletrack pants, they do look a bit MC Hammer compared to normal trousers but are pretty comfy when riding.

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    Cheers jimdubleyou but they’d be too big for me. Some good links to follow up here, quite a few ebay specials to consider.

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    Cheers howsyourdad1 i’ll take a look about, I had wondered about a light weight ski type pant and I know you can get slimmer fitting ones.

    Endura non waterproof ones

    The hummvees aren’t badly priced, what they like when they get wet & filfthy, not too heavy?

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    You saying I’ve got skinny legs?

    Compared to me you must do yeah, or I’m just used to the looser easy fir of shorts and baggy’ish jeans. I think it’s just a case of trying a few different types on if i’m being too tight and not buying mtb specific ones.

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    I’d forgotten about Sport Pursuit i’ll go take a look. I had wondered about ski/board pants but thought they’d be too warm. The regatta ones would be perfect if they just had a little more room in them.

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    What do people wear and what’s good, both in terms of quality and price. Bought some Regatta trousers after a friends recommendation and while they are decent and not expensive they’ve clearly been made for people with very skinny legs. I can’t bring myself to buy the proper mtb ones due to price, any other alternatives out there?

  • Union Contact bindings, not sure how old have seen about two holidays and the odd indoor slope day. Decent condition just a bit dusty. Size XL but worked fine for…

  • XFusion McQueen Fork 140mm Travel – RL2 damper 110mm x 15mm boost axle Fits 27.5+ wheels & 29er wheels Steerer 172mm (cut a little wonky) Usual marks on lowers stanchions…

  • Since i’m in the market for a change I might also order one of these and it’s good to know that the lead times might be a bit longer so patience is in order. Anyone got any nice pics of their builds for inspiration?

  • Love Mud Rumpus 650b+ 110/148 Boost MTB Wheelset Includes SRAM XD Driver They have been used so have cosmetic wear but no serious damage or dents Currently taped with gaffer…

  • Cosmic Black Solaris Max frame Can be set up as 29er or 27.5+ Size medium (about 16″ seat tube) Used with a few wear marks from cable rub, no dents…

  • Yup i’ll admit I only know one side of the story told to me, the riders side of this story will of course be different. I have no reason to be believe the dog was out of control it just sounds like the owner didn’t have time to react before the riders were passed them.

    The aggression and abusive behaviour the riders showed is actually what…[Read more]

  • Would the dog be on skis in this piste rules scenario?

    There’ll be skiing dogs somewhere in the world i’m sure, not quite what I meant but amusing image nonetheless.

  • Once the riders had finished their rant they rode off down the trail. No idea if the bike was damaged, or if the rider was injured. Dog suffered minor abrasions but is fine. Riders didn’t make any apology for hitting dog or for their offensive language.

    I’m a dog owner also and if I see riders approaching I make sure to keep her nearby or put her…[Read more]

  • From all the above it would appear that no, we cannot be a bit more civil.

    Then i’ll stand my main point of don’t come to the Lakes if you can’t be civil.

    Whereabouts was it Bungy?

    Ullswater area, i’m not going to be too specific to avoid they should/shouldn’t be riding there anyway argument.

    there is a lack of facts though such as the speed…

    [Read more]

  • Yup agreed this is 2nd hand knowledge, though I do know the area it occurred in i’m just staying away from the footpath/bridleway debate. I’m just asking that people need to be more civil and well mannered when out and about, be they walker, biker or horse rider.

    It’s daft incidents like this that create tension between the two groups when…[Read more]

  • If you’re going to come and ride in the Lakes then please do act with some more grace as the local riders are the ones to get the most flack for your anti walker behaviour.

    If there is a group of walkers take care when passing them, they may well have dogs or kids who are known to just go whichever way they please. If said group had given some…[Read more]

  • An incident happened over the weekend involving a friend of mine while she was out walking with her friends and a dog. Unsure of whether it was footpath or bridleway as I know only general location.

    A group of riders came passed them (sounds like it was a descent) and one of them ended up having a crash due to the dog. Friend went over to check…[Read more]