• I’d go now for bone conduction ones like the aftershokz mentioned before. Can be got much cheaper from Amazon or eBay. I bought some cheap ones and they are great. Well within your budget.

  • bruk replied to the topic Numpty bmw winter tyre question in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Mainly used Hankook, Nokian and this year it’s Continental’s on the X5

  • bruk replied to the topic Numpty bmw winter tyre question in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Have had winters on 3 BMW’s. Have a set of alloys in the shed from my old 59 plate 5 series still!

    All have gone from stepped front and back wheels to same size all round and usually I’ve dropped at least 1 Rim size.

    Had an issue ordering winters last year in that the very clever calculator on Mytyres didn’t allow for the big sports brake…[Read more]

  • I run winters on both our cars usually and have gone down at least 1 wheel size for each. Personally I prefer the ride of the wife’s X5 with Winters on and it has the added benefit of much better tyre wear. It came as standard with stupid wide front and rears and they tended to wear at the edges no matter how well you got the tracking set up. Much…[Read more]

  • Uk passports and from memory most EU passports have the owners name and address on the inside pages. There is usually a space for adding a further name and address eg if you move. I’d suggest putting your name there if you are worried but I don’t think that is a big issue honestly if you have letter from owner stating you are fostering the dog for…[Read more]

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    It’s not illegal to dock the tail for medical reasons under a General Anaesthetic with appropriate pain relief.

    If it’s a recurrent non healing wound then sometimes that is the best option. Get it checked by your vet to see what damage has been down and the best way for it to heal.

    A happy dog wagging its tail can soon make a room look lik…[Read more]

  • The dog will need the pet passport and that includes proof of date of micro chipping, vaccinations for rabies and blood testing. It will then need to be treated for tapeworm in the 1-5 day period before entering the UK.

    The owner doesn’t have to travel with it and it doesn’t have to be a travel company transporting the dog either. You could for…[Read more]

  • Had a rigid shelled one but yes it did dent ( admittedly didn’t spend that much on it!)

    I use a nice Eastpak cabin bag and would look at a bigger version of that if I was looking. I tend to use a big simple Eastpak hold-all if I need to use hold luggage. That or an Alpkit waterproof duffel bag with shoulder straps etc.

  • bruk replied to the topic Tumble Driers in the forum Chat Forum 4 weeks ago

    Having used loads at work I now only buy cheap vented ones ideally with a rotary dial and nothing else. Simple, little to go wrong and cheap. Latest one is a White Knight, 3 years and no issues after a fault with the first one that arrived.

  • bruk replied to the topic Your perfect albums in the forum Chat Forum 4 weeks ago

    Lots of ones already mentioned.

    Graceland,Dummy,Appeite,Blue Lines etc

    Couple I would add

    The KLF White Room

    And if soundtracks don’t muddy the waters too much then the Original Soundtrack to Trainspotting.

  • bruk replied to the topic Going Sky free? in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Never had Sky, couldn’t justify it when I was younger and skinter and then my parents in law got it and when I visited I couldn’t see any advantage to it. Don’t watch football or cricket really and never have the time or inclination to watch boxsets.

    Used to have rubbish broadband and couldn’t stream anything. Now have Prime for the deliver…[Read more]

  • 1x kilt shoes (brogues)
    1 x wellies
    2 x walking boots
    1 x walking shoes
    2 x cycling shoes
    2 x running trainers
    1 x tennis shoes
    5 x casual trainers
    2 x brogues
    1 x football trainers
    1 x water shoes
    2 x crocs
    2 x casual boots
    5 x Blundstones
    1 x Snowboard boots
    1 x golf shoes (at least 15 years since I wore them but just can’t throw them out)…[Read more]

  • Use the phones timer to set it to run for the right length to set off at the right time.