• I’ve had three decent demo rides of a Trek Rail 9 (can’t keep myself off the bl***y thing:))

    The Rail is pretty much a Slash 29 with a motor, and it is absolutely superb.  Much more nimble than I expected, but also really capable on loose rocky chunky stuff in the Dark Peak.

    FWIW, I’ve also had a quick demo of a 2020 Levo.  Both bikes are ver…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the replies.  Crap excuse, but I was so tired when I wrote the original post, I didn’t explain what I was concerned about very well.  It was the clamping force required on gloss finish carbon bars.  I guess the lacquer finish is quite thick, but don’t want the clamp slipping around and scoring the bars near the stem. I’ve lost the or…[Read more]

  • Spot on! Carbon it is.

    Laughed at the humblebrag comment – you have seen my ‘fancy’ light…it’s a very beaten up ancient ex rental that I picked up cheap.

  • I’m talking about relatively heavy self contained lights like Exposure Max type.  New bike I’m getting has the option of Alu or carbon bars. I prefer the ride feel of a lot of carbon bars, but am wondering how wise it is to go clamping a chunky lights to them.  What do people think – stick with strong Alu? Has anyone on here had issues with clamp…[Read more]

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    Yeah let’s see how long it lasts if the tories get a majority, this isn’t a ban, it is a pause. They are just playing for the election

    yup, that’s what I thought too.

  • Why should anyone give a **** what anyone else rides?

    Well said!

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    Thanks for the replies.  Interesting idea about getting an additional battery with money saved on the aluminium version.  Both carbon and Alu versions I’m looking at come with 625w/hr batteries that give a very decent range, but 500w/hr are available, and these are supposedly lighter and hopefully cheaper.  Going to check, but I guess the 500 batt…[Read more]

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    Have checked the spec on these two bikes  and the only differences (apart from frame material obvs) are: Carbon handlebars, a lighter saddle and… wait for it…,an 8g lighter stem!

    On ‘analog’ bikes, I’ve always preferred lighter builds to make it easier uphill, but I can definitely understand what’s been said about hearing flying rocks cl…[Read more]

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    Following the recent theft of our bikes, I am trying to make my mind up about a replacement.  I never thought I’d want an eBike, but having tried a Trek Rail, I am seriously thinking about it for days when I’m feeling my age (I’d definitely be keeping and riding my old ‘analog’ bike though, because it’s such a different feel).

    Trek do the Rail…[Read more]

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    B movie classic…Dog Soldiers.  Makes the night rides in the forest a bit more spooky😉