• Loads of random Scandi hair-rock options, Id try any of the below on you tube and see where the rabbit hole leads you:
    Backyard Babies
    Reckless Love
    Crash Diet
    Babylon Bombs

  • Anyone fingered the hardened criminals involved in this yet?

  • Remember watching the B2 flypast at Fairford as it was accompanied by the music from when Indy opens the Ark of the Covenant in ‘Raiders over the PA system.
    Proper end of the world stuff.

  • That picture of Are is awesome. French Alps are also looking good – cold temps and more snow forecast for the next couple of days. Should start to build a nice base for the high up resorts.
    107 days till I hit Les Arcs and I’m on webcam watch already.

  • I have worked in private schools for the past 10 years, and the quality of the children we produce is truly amazing. If I had the disposable income (and my kids had the ability to cope with the workload) then there is no doubt they would be in private. From educational support to sports coaching, the difference between state and private is night…[Read more]

  • bombjack replied to the topic F1 2020 (spoilers abound) in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    2020 Good points – Hamilton to close in on 100 race wins, match Schumacher on 7 titles, soundly beating Bottas (again), probably wrapping up the title by just after the mid season break. If Red Bull keeps Albon then expect him to beat Verstappen soundly, and many toys to be thrown out of the pram.
    2020 Not so good points – All apart from Merc /…[Read more]

  • bombjack replied to the topic Geri/Halliwell in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    I can remember the day that Big Breakfast showed the clip of Gillian Anderson getting nekkid like it was yesterday.

  • bombjack replied to the topic Andorra Skiing Options in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    Been to Andorra quite a few time over the years. Yes the transfers are long, and the drink isnt quite as cheap as it once was, but the skiing around Pas / Soldeu is still good, its fairly snow sure, and there’s a wide range of accom to stumble back to after some dirty shots and pizza.
    TBH I’d go for Pas, even if its at the end of the lift system…[Read more]

  • bombjack replied to the topic The rise of Skywalker! in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    Rebel ships massing for a big f-off battle – tick
    Reappearance of Tantive iv – Tick
    Y wings back in business – Tick
    Kylo Ren kicking ass with his mask on – Tick
    Music that makes it a little dusty in here – Tick.

    Yes, the chances are it’ll be disappointing. Yes 3po is still a PITA & Yes I’ll be annoyed by the cgi horses / animals and want proper…[Read more]

  • bombjack replied to the topic Rugby World Cup Thread 2019 in the forum Chat Forum 4 weeks ago

    As much as I hate to say it, I can see England pushing the AB all the way. They did look very, very good against Australia. Better than ABs? – probably not. Able to give them a decent game and possibly sneak a result – Defo.
    Wales will be better against SA. They knew the quarter finals would be their reckoning, now the pressure is off and…[Read more]

  • The target market is those with 5k plus in disposable income to spunk on a week away (and in many ways as a “second” holiday). I’ve admitted defeat for this season and there’s no way I can take the wife (teacher, so its got to be school holidays) and 2 boys away.
    I’d love to say that its getting cheaper to go skiing, but I the glory days of dirt…[Read more]

  • Always wanted a GT LTS DH (Peaty era with the boomerang seat tube). Having ridden one recently it really is a case of never meet your heros. Same with the Endorphin above, used to own one and it was like riding a wet noodle.