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    @slowoldman thanks. I think. Soporific, much like the riding on the edge!

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    I live locally, ride my cross bike along the edge quite a bit. Never found anything worth breaking out the mtb for along there. That’s not to say there isn’t anything up there though.

    Better option for a mixed group would be the long mynd. Short drive away, easy to do multiple loops of stuff, nice pub and a bike shop.

    Thanks, I live in Lud…[Read more]

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    @hamishthecat thanks, found the link and that might be an option.

    @Esme yep, that was our experience scenic and pleasant but not as much twisty singletrack as we were hoping for.

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    Every year in early December. I stay with a load of mates and their families in a barn complex near Much Wenlock for a weekend of activities various, food, booze and music.

    A few of us mountain bike and I have been asked to lead a mixed ability group for a ride of a couple of hours or so, from where we are staying (Stokes Barn if any locals know…[Read more]

  • Super honest of you but I’d be looking at the next one along without the dent if it was me after reading that

    Then I wouldn’t ever buy any second hand mountain bike if I were you!

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    It’s covert ageism, a sly way of calling someone a stupid old c**t. Which is bizarre considering us “boomers” are supposed to be the inventors and primary perpetrators of the various isms. Too many labels and divisions.

  • @blokeuptheroad I did the Naughty Northumbrian this year as my first enduro. If you can handle the timed stages the transitions are just a case of keeping hydrated and your sugar levels up. It was a slog and a half but given I hardly get out I was surprised how I coped. If you get out on regular rides you will be fine.

    Thanks SK, encouraging.…[Read more]

  • Ard Rock is a long, hard day, with lots of big climbs. The riding isn’t particularly difficult, but lots of people make hard work of it because they’re so exhausted. It’s also quite visually intimidating because there’s often no margin to veer from the main line due to the large rocks littered all over the place.

    Keep your fitness up and get…

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  • Enduro virgin here at 55 yo, but I have decided to give it a go, 2020 is going to be the year of the enduro for me. I have entered the Ard Rock sport event and am slightly concerned this might be a bit too much of a dive in to the deep end! Am I mad?

    My fitness is OK at the moment for my age, but I’m not 100% sure my skills are all that. Just…[Read more]

  • Patreon has also funded Seth’s new house ….he says every penny from his patreon is going into a bike park ….well you can go onto patreon and calculate how much they are making and if he’s building a bike park i should be the world’s best given how much he’s earning .I also find his content has become lame and it’s almost as if he finds the who…

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  • I like Seth and a lot of the others mentioned. I also ike a lot of his mates. Singletrack sampler for the mix of van life and mtb in great locations. Biking with Bobbo for the juvenile humour and seeing someone who is not a riding god progressing. BKXC for the stunning trails he gets to ride all over the world.

    UK wise, I quite like pinned TV as…[Read more]

  • I’ve just done the mtb fitness 12 week plan. I’ve seen a big improvement in my general fitness, off and on the bike. I used to be a fairly keen runner until knee issues stopped me about 3 or 4 years ago (I’m 55) and I started to get a bit porky. The combination of weights and intervals really worked for me, improving strength and cardio fitness…[Read more]