• Does the £650 include the creation of the trust for the inherited funds? That’s a little more complex than a “simple will”. I’ve previously been quoted up to £4k for creation of inheritance trusts for my children (I didn’t proceed with that legal firm).

    On your point around don’t discuss with anyone, is that more about avoiding conflict with a…[Read more]

  • bigG replied to the topic Anyone doing Movember? in the forum Chat Forum 3 months ago

    I’m not doing it yet as I’m attending a wedding in a couple of weeks so I’ll be starting it from the 17th and might just grow through until the end of the year. Pics and the standard pleading for sponsorship will follow in due course


  • bigG replied to the topic Reroofing the shed. in the forum Chat Forum 4 months ago

    I decided to bite the bullet and use onduline sheets to reroof the shed. Attached on top of existing felt roof. Looks a million times better and was remarkably simple to install.

    Cost a few more quid than just felt but it’s guaranteed for 15 years. From memory it took four sheets, five ridge pieces and a bag of fixings to do my shed roof.