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    Spray.Bike takes a little practice; sounds like you’ve already figured out a few of the issues. The first time I tried it I was deliberately slapdash and it did chip really easily; on recent frames I’ve been more diligent with prep and used more lacquer, and so far it’s fared better. Haven’t tried T-Cut to buff up the finish, might give that a…[Read more]

  • Turns out my Next trousers are 34 waist, not 36. So, given that the RRs are supposedly 36.2″ waist, I guess it’s lucky I forgot my own trouser size 🙂

  • A brief, not-yet-used-them-in-anger appraisal of the RR trousers:

    The fabrics differ: the stretch parts of the Nordwand seem significantly tougher than the Silence (which, unlike the Nordwand, is nearly all stretch fabric). The Nordwand seem the heavier-duty of the two and probably the warmer. I went for the Nordwand because the stretch in the…[Read more]

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    How is the World Champion not the best driver of the year?

    The best driver may not be in the best car. See 2010 for example, when Vettel won despite doing some now-familiar things like driving sideways into his teammate, yet Alonso nearly took the crown in an underperforming Ferrari.

    But, as above, I’d agree that in 2019 Hamilton still g…[Read more]

  • All I wanted was a bit of purple 🙂

    Right. Uberbike stainless GXP BB. Comes with 3x 2.5mm cup spacers and 1x 5mm axle spacer, plus some confusing instructions.

    Confusing because they say that to fit it to a 68mm shell with a road double (Rival OCT in my case, if it matters) you’re supposed to use 1×2.5mm spacer, 1x 1mm spacer, and 1x 2mm…[Read more]

  • I’m glad we’re back to things like riding into cows instead of near-fatal impalements 🙂

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    It was in the Money section, so basically pages on anecdotes about refunds for white goods etc and a two line article on how saving rates are crap. Plus he works for the paper…


    I remain glad that I never read any newspapers 🙂

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    Just be careful selling on EBay

    Wow. An entire page of a newspaper devoted to an anecdote about someone not realising that “relist” didn’t mean “list something else” and then having their predicament wholly resolved so that everything ended up just as they had originally expected. If that’s not a slow news day I don’t know what is 🙂

  • I think I have a few, mostly many years ago:
    – gorse bush, full-on into and on top of it, quite entertaining trying to extricate oneself
    – pavement covered in fallen berries, numerous drivers stopped because they thought I was covered in blood
    – face first into river at embarrassingly low speed, epic twatfall
    – a large stone, which briefly…[Read more]

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    The true reason is that Bromptons have such good resale value that if you don’t move quickly someone’ll try and nick it 🙂

    If it makes you feel better, my Brompton doesn’t generally move very fast. Party because I normally can’t be arsed to move it more quickly, but mainly because if you accidentally hit a pothole at speed with a 16″ wheel you’re…[Read more]

  • Looking for a 420mm rigid fork, 100mm/9mm QR and straight 1 1/8″ steerer with a long steerer tube, minimum is probably about 220mm. Preferably IS mounts only (no V-brake bosses)…

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    Interesting. I note that the 2019 Longitude geometry is an exact match for what I measured my 2017 to be. Maybe they finally found a working tape measure? Or maybe they just read the forum 😀

    Tempted to try and find a cheap 420mm fork to see if the tyre clearance and BB height are adequate. Should…[Read more]

  • Boring. Get back to us when you’ve made your own bum cream from Veet and Tabasco.

  • Silence.

    Or the bacon-frying crackle of studded tyres on tarmac.

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    I also can’t see how they could mess up something as simple as that.

    Sorry, we’re talking about Ferrari, yeah?

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    Seriously though. A gun, for that?

    Probably not seriously, no.

    You should try hyperbole sometime, it’s fun. Maybe the most fun thing ever. It’ll change your life!

  • Right. Smacked the cup out and had a look, and thought I’d found the answer: some lumps on the inside of the head tube. Looks like some swarf had melted back onto it during machining, or something. Also one side has a bit of a step in it within the region of the interference fit, which seems a bit odd. Photos below (apologies for the…[Read more]

  • steel bearing cup so the bearing should sit OK in there, should make up for any minor distortion.

    Yeah, though there’s a bit that’s not quite seating properly, regardless of whether I use a press adapter that presses on the inner or outer part of the cup. I’m reasonably confident it’s not just my incompetence because (a) with the Ramin 3+ I got…[Read more]

  • Yup… so… I’ve now triple checked this because I tend to assume the chances are I’ve done something wrong, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t (and it’s not like I haven’t done this stuff many times over many years on dozens of bikes with the exact same tools).

    Hit the same problem as the 3+s: the internal surface of the head tube is not circular, it…[Read more]

  • *sigh*

    Out to the garage at 11pm to perform the frame transplant. Didn’t get very far.

    Fitted the headset cups, fitted the crown race, fitted the fork and… oh, that’s not right. Won’t go in flush.

    Sure enough, the exact same problem as the 3+s: the head tube is ovalised and once the cups are fitted, they are too. The (rubbish) picture below s…[Read more]

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