• Costco – if you or a friend have a card – have great ones at the moment. Kirkland Signature own brand are easily the match of any of my more expensive branded ones. Under £25.

  • benz started the topic Wisper Ebikes? in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    My good mate is looking to buy an e-mtb and noted Wisper.

    They seem to offer decent value for the spec.

    Does anyone on here any real world feedback to provide?

    Thanks all.

  • So, just about to build up an ebay procured frame.

    My intention is to build it up using existing bits and pieces I currently have..

    130mm travel Fox forks (I also have 100mm travel Reba’s, but fancy a bit more

    1 x 10 using XT bits and pieces

    Deore M615 brakes with 203mm front, 180mm rear

    Brand X dropper post

    Anyone care to post up images of…[Read more]

  • I am likely being complete numpty, however….

    I am collating journey durations, with format [hhh]:mm, as some of these are greater than 24hrs.

    However, Excel does not seem to allow me to create any graphs or charts…

    Am I doing something wrong??

    Thanks all.