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    This will be my second year with the 1600lm version. I’ve swapped it once under warranty when the charge port dislodged after a week, but used the replacement once a week through last winter. It’s still going strong, including this Wednesday, which was so cold we only managed a single post-ride pint.

  • Not an engineer or dentist, but: often the difference between unsprung weight on a carbon and an alloy bike of the same model is probably about an extra spare inner tube, your packed lunch (including sausage roll) and not going for a poo before you ride.
    As an example, the mk2 scandal was 200gm heavier than the carbon race thingy they offered…[Read more]

  • We went from a Golf to an Octavia Estate when Udderlet 2 arrived. It eventually died at 130k – it was a 1.4 TSI petrol model. We’ve just replaced it with a ’17 plate 1.4 TSI and will likely go electric once that dies.

    We buy on vfm not badge, and it’s noticeable how much more reasonable the equivalent Skoda model is to the VW or Audi version. The…[Read more]

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    I tend to cook up a batch of this on Sunday, stick it in Tupperware tubs and have it for lunch during the week. It’s dead easy and you can go mad on fancier, bronze dye pasta as the two main components are peanuts: Tinned tomatoes and aubergine.
    It’s stupidly cheap – about a pound a serving – and if we’re doing a food thing at work, it’s the dish…[Read more]

  • I ran an Alfine 8 for a few years with a Jtek then a Verso STI. I had it on a single cross frame and did several quite long rides on it over the 100 mile mark. Then I did the same on a bike with derailleurs. I was about 2-3 mph faster on average with mechs. I didn’t particularly mind the drag when riding, but it certainly had an impact on speed.…[Read more]

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    The solenoid valve is an absolute pain! Ours blocks up all the time, even with monthly descaling, and I can now strip it down in a few minutes. From what I can tell even a tiny chunk of scale that’s come off the inside of the boiler will block it.
    The route for the group head is narrower than for the steam wand, so it tends to be more prone to…[Read more]

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    I’m pretty shortsighted and can’t stand contacts, despite several attempts to get them fitted. I started out with Eassuns with a lens carrier, then onto Adidas Evil Eye and others – as said above the lens carrier approach means lots of fogging.
    I went to Optilabs about ten years ago and they have been excellent – really, really helpful, great…[Read more]

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    Also, someone is trying to fix the Dorking BMX track (up by Dorking West Station) – he could do with some help by all accounts as the Council have effectively said, if you want it you do it but don’t ask us for help.. (that may or may not be strictly true, but i dont like the council so am happy to embellish)

    Ooh – drop us a line about tha…[Read more]

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    I’ve lived here for 16 years now. Grew up on the outskirts of Leatherhead and moved around a fair amount. I was in Poole and looking at moving to London for a job and thought: I don’t want to live in London again. I miss green stuff. At the time, pre-family, I was doing a lot of sailing (racing keelboats out of Hamble) and lots of mountain biking.…[Read more]