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  • I’ve often dreamy of having a paint ball gun or a dozen old stinking eggs I can lob.

    It’s bloody annoying isn’t it. Unfortunately I usually feel I have now to lose than them so just suck it up and then try my hardest now to stew on it for a while

  • @scotroutes how are you getting on with those santic trousers? I found them on Amazon and thought they rang a bell, then found this thread

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    Thanks for sharing

    To me, this is property mountain biking. Good job!

  • That is a truly rubbish situation, sorry

    Could you deal with it through the kids? Give them the best time ever, make them want to see Daddy even more? Get your missus to help you with that.

    I’m not suggesting you use the kids to be the middle man, but make them want to see you rather than mum saying go to this person, and hopefully they will…[Read more]

  • Agreed, cheap lumens aren’t always good. I’ve gone through two chinese lights. They both broke. One was the well regarded and cheap solarstorm X2, it died from being subjected to too much rain

    I had good batteries though, and they’re still good. Might get another cheap head for the kids to use as their bike light

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    Yep, as per Kryton – it’s all rough but it’s a helpful way of looking at it

    Check out battery capacity when you have a look too, that’s sometimes a good secondary check

    I use a Strada Mk6 with 1000 lumens for 3 hours. The latest one has more power for less time (i.e. 1200 for 2 hours), and has a smaller battery. So is a bit of a step backwards

  • I have a range of Aldi and Lidl winter gloves. They vary over the years. Galibier is a similar warmth but better quality

    Also have some Aldi neoprene ones, not a fan. Anyone want to try them?

    Lobster ones without inner fingers work really well, thoug( inlos5 9ne and my current ones have the inner fingers

    Pogies on the MTB are ace. Don’t have a…[Read more]

  • Good news about BPW

    And good point about motorbike trackdays. And all considering, they’re quite affordable compared with car ones (fuel, consumables and track day price)

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    What riding position do you want?

    Hybrid or gravel bike with full mudguards should be fine for that

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    I didn’t hear it but wife did and woke me up – had to check the house just in case!!

  • surly big dummy cargo bike – used instead of a second car, lots of weekend runs and kids club drop offs and pick ups. Picked up my daughter and her two friends today and dropped them home

    Will have those memories with me for a very long time, lots of laughing and fun

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    It’s not ride able the whole way, you have to come off around Islington. It’s tarmac or flagstones for most of it, quoter in the cold and dark but is much busier in the summer

    To be honest if I was doing that if mix it up on the road too. Quiet ones or fast ones, it’ll be much easier and faster

  • Actik core is quite cheap on amazon. Nearly bought one, even though I have too many head torches

    Three most used or carried ones are petzl e+lite, black diamond revolt and petzl bindi. Last one is used most regularly, easy to recharge lithium battery helps with that

  • This is one of the reasons I bought the Columbia Outdry jacket. It’s not the most breathable jacket in the world but it’s not bad, has pit zips and most importantly doens’t have a DWR that can wear off. So I now don’t have to worry about it staying waterproof, have a few jackets that have been killed by MTB

    I use mudguards front and rear, though…[Read more]

  • ARGH! I just ordered a timber bell but I forgot to add the code. Complete user error! Is there anyway to rectify that please?

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    If I didn’t have a bike I’d definitely be going for a walk, there’s some lovely walking up there – mam tor, win hill, bleaklow, kinder etc

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    How loud are these devices? Could I use one to hose the bike down at midnight outside our house without waking the baby and my neighbours? Also, how long do you get on a single charge?

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    Currently the same as my summer strategy, which is largely based around having 3 kids including one very young one

    Ride to work for my base fitness. On the weekends ride the cargo bike to run errands and take the kids to school. None of it is ‘fun’ but it’s all fun! Would rather be out for a local MTB ride but no time for that at the moment.…[Read more]

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    I went there with the family. Wife and 2 kids had a wonder, me and son went round the blue

    I’m sure the red is much better, but I can’t imagine any trail centre being worth a 6 hour drive. Maybe thats a personal preference coming out of going for a normal ride in the countryside/hills/mountains. 6 hours more that I’d do for a day trip, there’s…[Read more]

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    Abus x plus granit. Years and thousands of commuting miles of trouble and noise free service. Mounted inside my frame with the included mount

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