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  • I forgot to mention something that I really value, U tubes (or whatever they’re called). They a parallel to the ground and plug into the sides to create footboards. It makes it a helluva lot easier for the kids to get on and off, and they also then have somewhere to put their feet. It makes it wider but it just fits through the chicane style gate…[Read more]

  • My original plan was a Tern GSD, just looks like a super practical bike. But they’re expensive, and while I was mulling it over a Big Dummy came up that and I’ve always wanted one. So that’s now what I have

    I don’t have the big cage/frame around the top as having to lift the kids over that, or them having to climb over it, didn’t sound appealing…[Read more]

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    @mudfish are the endura trousers properly long enough for riding or do you just put up with them?

    I’m 6’3, didn’t think enduras would be long enough in their standard length. Must be really long for the majority of the population then…

  • I’ve been wearing them with walking boots and outdoorsy trousers for local rides. Much easier in the mud, laces are protected and less messy to deal with

    Thought the strap would get ruined but seems to be ok so far

    I have a few pairs, these are a cheap pair I wasn’t using just to see how it goes

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    That’s why I carry a leatherman juice, it’s their equivalent of swiss army knife with non locking blades

    Not a problem unless you’re getting scanned as no one is every really going to check

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    I have a few – mini, micra, p4, s4, ps4, xe6, skeletool, wave

    I like Multitool, have a couple of victorinox Multitools too

    Ps4 gets carried everywhere, it’s on my keys. Mini is in my commuting bag, sadly no longer made. Skeletool or wave gets carried on my MTB. Juice xe6 or a SAK often in my rucksack

  • Point source lights are more blinding to our eyes that wide panel style lights, our eyes can’t cope with it. So small bright floods lights are very blinding or distracting

  • Keep an eye on eBay and gumtree, you can pick up a used bike with all the accessories, and within budget

    My advice is to do it, I have a Big Dummy and it’s ace! Sometimes come up in budget

  • Do you need the space or the money?

    I have a rigid Solaris and a rigid El Mar. The only difference was the El Mar was SS, Solaris was geared.

    El Mar was for local stuff and Solaris was for trips, they were my only two off road bikes. But there was so much overlap between them I struggled to justify it, apart from the SS factor. Then I wanted…[Read more]

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    We lost our dog last year sadly, but when we get another one soon I plan to use the worx to wash them down. Our last dog would take an ice cold hose down in the garden but I had to put him in the car muddy/dirty, worx should fix that

    I use the short lance with mine and can get high and low settings. Haven’t used the long lance actually

  • benp1 replied to the topic What portable bike washer? in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    Worx here too, very happy with it so far, it’s been great

  • Warning re the Decathlon jacket though, sizing is strange. I tried them all on and couldn’t get one to fit nicely, even though medium in most outdoorsy brands (Rab, Berghaus and Montane are my main outdoorsy brands but have loads of others) fits well

    Real bargain if you do get one that fits, I struggled though

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    Polartec Alpha isn’t really that warm compared with something like primaloft, unless it’s got a shell

    Primaloft is also more compressible, they’re different products. Alpha is better on the move, primaloft better for static use. They both have their place (and I have and use both)

  • I’m about a 45 minute ride from getting to the station to grab a sleeper train to Aviemore, always thought it would be good to go for the weekend with my bike. Or leave from work and go straight to work when I get back.


    The price is pretty high. I know it saves the cost of a hotel and the faff of flying but they’re really punching. Something…[Read more]

  • Thanks guys, will take a look at getting some putoline. I could do all the bike chains together at the same time

  • So just to be clear, I could buy a tin of putoline, heat it on a stove (I have a few, could use an old briefcase style one), do the chains in that, then let the tin cool down for storing

    Do you guys pull the chains out with something and then let them drip dry and cool down?

    If I was using an existing chain I could just degrease and then crack…[Read more]

  • benp1 replied to the topic What small tent for tall folk? in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Beware of sloping sides. If you’re on a big mat with a big bag your feet will touch, mine often do on normal size tents

  • benp1 replied to the topic What small tent for tall folk? in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Zephyros 2 is too small. A 2 XL will be fine, I’m 6’3 and fit fine. Also fit in a Scarp 1 well

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    I got out for a very muddy local ride with a mate last night

    It really is wet and muddy at the moment. Rode in hiking boots, gaiters and long trousers

  • benp1 replied to the topic SPD compatible wellies in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    Still have a big hole in the top though!

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