• Done!

    43 quid left to go before they reach the goal….. c’mon chaps

  • Lol.

    Although I’m going to play devils advocate….. I don’t see a scenario where a full-sized unmanned tank would be useful. Specifically, if all it’s doing is bringing that big gun into play, what can it do that an armed aerial drone can’t?

    The uk version however…. an unmanned, mobile machine gun emplacement? That sounds quite…[Read more]

  • batfink replied to the topic A religious question… in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Back to the original OP…..

    I would go out of my way to make sure the child is involved as much as possible, and really feels like part of the family. To hell (lol) with the flower/heart “wand”. This is a great opportunity to interact “normally” with the child, which will be what she needs for a while to come yet.

    I would certainly be keeping…[Read more]

  • Kitchen and bathroom fitter rant.
    You cannot have a BMW for the price of a Ford.
    When will people learn this very basic thing

    Agreed – but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect both BMW or ford to know whats in stock or not, honor lead/delivery times etc, I think that’s what the OP is annoyed about.

    I’m waiting for a courier to deliver a…[Read more]

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    I live in the middle of Sydney – we had ash flakes the size of your fingernail falling out the sky earlier this week. The one saving grace was that they weren’t still glowing.

    Blue sky and about thirty today though….. I’m off for a surf.

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    James Stunt I recon

  • batfink replied to the topic New Labour leader/ direction in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Does not compute.

    Agree – makes no sense.

    Labours core electorate shifted right, why do you think staying where they are or shifting even further left will bring them back?

    We’re all just hypothesising, but to me it looks like it was Labour’s lurch to the left that alienated it’s traditional base. Corbyn probably thinks that traditional Labour…[Read more]

  • I bought the QC35 II’s over the Sonys because they are more comfortable for all-day use.

    I work from home and basically wore them for 8hrs a day while my wife was home on maternity leave for a year with Mini-Batfink 2nd. They’ve been absolutely faultless – I’d buy them again based on their performance, but the Sonys look like they have come down…[Read more]

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    Sigh, I agree with Binners

    Sydney is literally on fire…. and I’d still rather be here.

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    How so Benv?

    I thought her DNA tests came back confirming American Indian ancestry? Granted, I think there was criticism about any claim “heritage” – but I thought her ancestors had been proved? No?

  • feel good thread of the yea…… oh hang on. No, as you were.

  • batfink replied to the topic Tax efficiency: bonus. in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Yeah, pretty clear that this is to recover a chunk of the bonus from people who leave over the next year. Even with 5% turnover they will be clawing back a pretty penny.

    Why on earth would anyone agree to this?

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    At the coffee shop at our local beach, they have a couple of buckets for kids to go collecting litter with. 1 bucket full = 1 hot chocolate.

    Spoke to the owner – they said it has worked so well that they have had to buy smaller buckets, because it’s now taking the kids too long to fill up the larger ones

  • it’s a waste of time trying to rationalise the irrational

    This. I have wasted god-knows how long of my life trying to figure out why somebody would do/say something…. only to come to the conclusion that you can’t make sense of why some people act like they do. Some people be crazy.

    It’s a shame that he kids are missing out on a fun w…[Read more]

  • Anyone actually asked her why she’s done it?

    “oh right, right. But doesn’t that mean you have to walk across the grass to get in your front gate? Won’t that get a bit muddy?”

    Whereas I agree that some people just seem to want to seek out conflict (we have a neighbor like that) – some people are just thick as mince. Maybe she just thought it…[Read more]

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    We have a Thule urban glide….. it’s excellent. Really light but yet manages to be very sturdy.

    They do one with a fixed front wheel too, but the one on the urban glide has a lockout button – so there is really no need to get the permanently fixed one.

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    Yeah, that’s an average over the course of a week – today: perhaps only 2?

  • batfink replied to the topic Wish I had a gun! in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    An excellent illustration of why Joe Public shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun.

    If I was armed, I would probably have shot 3 people by lunchtime each day.

  • Ultimately, I just don’t think apple are interested in helping you manage your locally stored content any more – in fact, it’s probably worth their while to make it as hard as possible, and drive you to their subscription services.
    I use Plex now for my music, TV shows and films. Unfortunately Plex doesn’t do audiobooks either – but I tend to buy…[Read more]

  • I’ve completely given-up trying to import audiobook files into iTunes….. I just couldn’t get it to put them in the right place, it created duplicates all over the shop. I just gave up. Sorry, I know that doesn’t help – but it’s not you.

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