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    Just finished Jack Ryan Season 2: Meh. I mean, it was never going to be Le Carre, but it was fairly dire, and not as good as the first one. Goliath (all 3 seasons) is excellent though.

  • This always used to happen with work events held during office hours, there was always some miserable bugger that didn’t want to go, and wanted a day off instead.

    It was usually the same person that, when presented with a Christmas present/Easter egg from the company would always say “I would rather have had the money” or similar.

    Tell them to do one.

  • Got one of these for my birthday…… it’s noice. Comes with a certificate too – if that’s important.

    Wera bike torque set

  • So nobody has signed a contract?

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    Jesus fuck – what terrible news. Am in awe of his strength and dignity, even to the last

    There by the grace of God….

    Exactly this…. reminds you of how fleeting and random life is.

  • I’ve just read this thread, trying to think of a way of expressing my own thoughts on the matter, and I find myself agreeing almost completely with Kittyr

    I believe that everyone has the right to live as they please, free from persecution, people should dress how they like, be called whatever name and pronoun they like etc and do so without…

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    People still have sky tv? People still “record” stuff? Serious question: why?

    We have an Apple tv box with all the domestic streaming apps installed, then just Netflix and spotify. Occasionally rent a film from iTunes, and all my local media (ripped form DVDs, CDs etc) is on plex, which also streams to the apple TV box.

    We have freeview on…[Read more]

  • I think it’s just a case of advertising rules/regulations catching up with a new medium. You can’t have a blatantly false TV advert – political or otherwise.

    What’s critical is that once the current band of monkeys gets dumped-out of power, whoever steps in addresses what went right/wrong in the Trump/Brexit social media campaigns, and legislate…[Read more]

  • i am not so sure how you ban political figures and bots amplifying

    Agreed. But I think advertisers have access to a large library of data variables, allowing for sophisticated targeting of particular demographics – I guess that’s the piece that being denied to political advertisers.

    From learning a bit about what Cambridge Analytica did – it…[Read more]

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    We listened to quite a lot of the inquiry, especially testimony from the firefighters.

    It was very, very clear that the fire service were going to be criticized for their response – and justifiably so, in my opinion.

    Scenario planning is a key part of things and they should have had an action plan for that building in the event of a fire…they o…

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  • ^ yes, we have found that a joint credit card is easier to manage than a joint account for shared expenses. At the end of the month you just split the bill (50/50, 60/40, whatever) rather than having to guess what your groceries, meals out, holidays etc are going to cost in advance. And you get big points on that kind of shared balance.

  • We have an UB vista, it’s been great, but the downside is that it’s heavy – especially once you start filing the basket up, or using it for two kids.

    We also have an Thule urban glide which we have been really pleased with – the bigger wheels make for a much smoother ride, and it’s much easier to push. Whats immediately noticeable though is the…[Read more]

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    I have a crumpler laptop bag that seems to sit nicely between smart and functional. Quite like the look of the Filson bags at the moment – often quite heavily reduced

  • As others have said – maybe get a small non-stick pan for omelettes etc, but otherwise go for stainless steel for longevity.

    One thing to look for is that some of the cheaper SS pans have alu fittings which corrode if you put them in the dishwasher – look for ones that have all SS rivets etc.

    We have the le Crueset stainless set (it was reduced)…[Read more]

  • got a tax rebate today….. now online shopping