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    “Dr Steve Peters, who was head of medical at British Cycling and Team Sky, told the Sunday Times he and a British Cycling colleague were on site when the package arrived and that they questioned Freeman over it. It was established that the supplier had sent it by mistake and it was returned, something which he had confirmed with Freeman. P…

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  • His response to being accused of bullying was to call Freeman ‘spineless’ demand that he look him in the eye and then storm out. But I guess it’s a judgement call. Personally I wouldn’t speak to someone I called a ‘friend’ like that, let alone one with well documented mental health issues. Being asked difficult questions isn’t ‘bullying’, it’s…[Read more]

  • I wonder if it is a tactic to try to encourage people who haven’t yet come forward or agreed to give evidence to do so?

    I think it was more about giving him the stage to demonstrate that he’s an out-of-control bully, which he pretty much did.

  • Well they are trying to make him angry enough to spill the beans on actually just who the drugs were for. If not to keep his end up.

    Fortunately it didn’t work 😉

  • After that I wouldn’t have given evidence, just gone home.

    Poor Shane 🙁

  • I think that depends on the reasons for a ‘winter hardtail’.

    In my case it’s simply a platform for the Mudhugger guards. They’re pretty much a permanent fixture on the bike. I’m not remotely bothered about preserving some notional ‘best bike’, just keeping my butt as dry as possible 🙂

  • Old 26″ Ragley Mmmbop running 1×9, a RS Sektor coil fork and Mudhugger guards front and rear. It’s hideous, but allows you to ride through massive puddles without getting a wet backside, still works fine on technical stuff and is cheap enough that I don’t worry about destroying the hell out of it. Or I just ride my Transmitter.

  • They breathe plenty well even when stationery. As evidenced by the steam pouring out of my clothes on the last night ride.

    Pertex and similar fabrics – originally Pertex was a parachute fabric I think – are windproof because they have a really tight weave. That in turn means that while they’re more breathable than coated or membrane-based…[Read more]

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    Anything with Polatec Alpha insulation is good too (dhb alpha gilet?)

    +1 for Polartec Alpha. Primaloft’s basically a synthetic down and fine when standing around, but not great for breathability or wicking. Alpha wicks and dries super fast, way better for active use. The last time I rode a bike wearing Primaloft was around winter 2010 and it…[Read more]

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    No mans land of expensive but mediocre lights.

    They’re actually pretty good. And one of the few lights on the market that can be switched up or down rather than having to cycle through modes in order of ascending brightness in order to go down a level. Mine have been flawless and still going strong. They still win the odd magazine test too.

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  • ie, it apportions blame to both drivers, regardless of who “started it”, simply because neither would back down. That, really is the lesson here imo.

    Remind you of anyone? Anything? Any(w)here? People in metal boxes / behind keyboards, same self-righteous, ego-driven BS.

  • I don’t think anyone’s said this, but other than the directional thing and light redundancy, my experience of riding with a single helmet light or a bar light is that it messes with depth perception so it can be hard to tell whether something is a shadow on the ground or a three-foot step. Not so much an issue on easy ground, but definitely…[Read more]

  • I’m always astounded by peoples ftp’s and w/kg

    Genuinely fit, strong riders / inaccurate and/or uncalibrated trainers / weight dopers – take your pick. Zwift is littered with people putting out hilarious numbers – clue if you’re running at 6 w/kg for 20 minutes and running a heart rate of 120 then you just might not be legit.

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  • Also had a crazy idea, is a hip flask at that altitude a really stupid idea?

    Not spectacularly stupid unless it’s incredibly large and she drinks it all at once – high altitude hangovers are appalling. I can’t imagine the odd sip will do anything particularly bad though. I guess all this depends on what your gift is trying to say / achieve? Is…[Read more]

  • Heated insoles maybe. No direct experience, but while Aconcagua isn’t, by the normal route, very technical, it is very high and very cold. You might need to do some googling to work out which ones work for mountaineering use. Ditto gloves. S

    he’ll also be spending lots of time in tents, so something like a Kindle might be a thought. The thing…[Read more]

  • I feel like they are a bit tight in terms of width but hard to be sure. They are not REALLY uncomfortable but they do feel snug. Do I send them back and get a wide fit or do I wear them out as much as possible and hope the leather will give. Hanwag reckon they will loosen up and previous experience with leather shoes (haven’t had hiking boots f…

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  • I like the Wahoo Tickr. It has flashing lights that tell you that it’s working – blue for Bluetooth and red for ANT+ – saves you wondering if the battery is working or not. Mine’s been stone reliable.

    DC Rainmaker does a lot of in-depth HR monitor stuff on his website if you want to get more nuanced:

  • That FAQ entry sounds like a bug in the driver circuit. Bit lame to post a work around rather than fix it!

    You’d hope they’ve probably fixed it on current lights and, in all honesty, if you have a light which is going flat between charges, it’s not really that big a deal to just make sure the charger is still switched on when you pull the plug…[Read more]

  • Apologies as I say this every time this comes up; get the GPX and do it without the crowds. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be riding up Hardknott with 2000 other divs wobbling around on it

    It is kind of horrible, but then that’s sort of the point of it – think of it as an experience. There’s something quite cool about hitting the bottom o…[Read more]

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