• Kammy missing the red card at Portsmouth was absolute gold and still leaves me in tears when I watch it

    This x1000. It’s pure comedy gold. “What…. a red card….. I must have missed that???. Whist turning back and forth.

    “What has happened Kris Kamara?”

    “I dont know Geoff.. I dont know?????”

  • Johnson’s deal also breaches May’s self-imposed red line re. border in Irish Sea. Despite which, she voted for it today. For May, Brexit means any old shit.

    To be fair, May’s red lines were set in part due to the ghost of Ian Paisley shouting ‘Never, Never, Never!” in her ear.

    Doris Johnson is less hamstrung by the neanderthal numb skulls of…[Read more]

  • athgray started the topic Jools Holland in the forum Chat Forum 4 days ago

    New series in a new studio. Looks like he has taken over a branch of Ikea.