• Two dogs

    Demerits stay on for three years. The last actual speeding ticket was a fine and no demerits. (or points) the two demerits I have expire eventually but this offense is beyond demerit points hence magistrates court.

    I was doing 88mph in a 55mph zone or thereabouts.

    Oh well batteries about to die so I’m going home. Trip the the beach…[Read more]

  • So you got nothing from the awareness course? Just no points / fine?

  • CraigW

    Maybe you shouldn’t be driving if you are not fit to do so.

    Maybe. Hindsight is 2020 though my friend.

  • heboatman

    @aphex_2k I was on a speed awareness course mate, so clearly I’m a prick like you. But seems it did make me reflect on the crap I do, how pious of me hey.

    But it took getting caught and attending the course to make you reflect, or dis you reflect on your driving before getting caught?

  • 90 when you should have been doing 50! That’s +80% of the limit!

    I understand your reasoning, all the ‘just trying to get ahead’ stuff, but really there’s no excuse for that. +20% I could maybe understand.

    Yup. I know. Long gentle down hill. 2 lanes. Visibility for some distance. No side entrances / junctions. No houses as industrial area an…[Read more]

  • Nuke I wasn’t asking for anything but as many find writing things down in bkack and white kind of helpful i though it might help clear things up in my own head. I wasn’t asking for or expecting opinions but obvs this is stw and some people can’t help being dicks can they? Don’t worry I’m not offended this is par for the course…[Read more]

  • Fat-boy-fat

    Yeah found one. Will do one and catch a lawyer after the weekend. Thanks

  • Yeah it’s fair. I was speeding. Just many factors than just a heavy foot. Been driving since I was 17 and never done anything like this. Not even a sneaky beer or two. Always sober just cant believe I was going so much over the limit. I looked at the googke maps route from my starting point and it says 36 mins to home. My gps timeline says I was…[Read more]

  • I can still drive a car until the court decide what my punishment will be. Could be a 6 month ban and fine. Was signed off from work the previous week due to stress and diabetic burnout. I went back to work on the Monday after the Sunday I was caught speeding but only just got notified of the offence. No priors bar a few km over and $100 fine, no…[Read more]

  • Wasn’t in double demerits period

    Cops just been charge is reckless driving. However the traffic act says reckless is 45 over the limit or greater than 155. They told me I was 42 over so I don’t see this as reckless in the eyes of the law but waiting in thrm to call me back. Car is booked for impound but I’m not sure if this still happens as the…[Read more]

  • Speeding offence from a covert speed camera. (Yup they are hidden in turrets here! see pic below) Clocked me doing in excess of 45km/h over the limit which was 80km/h…. ( So in old money close to 90 when I should have being doing 50.


    Car’s gonna be impounded for 28 days. Obs costs there for storage. Cops coming to see me today. I know…[Read more]

  • aphex_2k replied to the topic Death of a coffee machine in the forum Chat Forum 4 weeks ago

    80c for coffee…. Hmm… But too cool. 90c better. Just not boiled or boiling.

  • aphex_2k replied to the topic Hangover food in the forum Chat Forum 4 weeks ago

    Proper strong cuppa. Bacon and egg sarny. Standard.

  • aphex_2k replied to the topic Death of a coffee machine in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Rw: Aeropress I’ve got one at work and a wee ceramic hand grinder. For grinding wee ceramic hands.

  • aphex_2k replied to the topic Death of a coffee machine in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Well, I had the morning to myself. Youtube and web how-to’s.

    Stripped the machine. Cleaned it again. Seems to have cleared whatever blockage was in there. Steam wand works but still drips a bit but guess that’s some little silicon washer / grommet thing somewhere but ultimately, the machine now works and the grind has been set to as fine as it…[Read more]

  • aphex_2k replied to the topic Blue pedals -what is there? in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    My metal blue blackspire ones were terrible. Just bought some composite Burgtec whic you can get in blue I think. Feat so far, rwkl nice platform for big feet

  • aphex_2k replied to the topic Radio 1 Essential Mixes in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Not strictly Essential mix but radio 1. Gerra and Stone soundcloud mix cos I’m going to their Christmas party on sat. Kids sorted. Hotel booked. Guest list. Shenanigans.

    Listen to Gerra & Stone BBC Radio 1 Guest Mix by Gerra & Stone on #SoundCloud

  • Try $14 for a hot dog…

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  • aphex_2k replied to the topic Death of a coffee machine in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Coffeesnobs is next level.

    I’m fine with grinding my own and used to have a Gaggia Coffee (pre classic) which was ace for espresso for a faff for everything else. Plus wife / inlaws / parents just like to push a button and get a coffee, not the whole process that I enjoy say with my Bialetti or Aeropress at work.

    Will see why the repair/service…[Read more]

  • aphex_2k replied to the topic Watches N+1… in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    I saw this yesterday except on a steel bracelet. Oh my it’s lovely. But the shop had them for $750 and that’s not even close what I’d pay for one. So a bit of Googling I found the one with the rubber (or silicon) band for $300 (AUD prices) and was SO tempted. It doesn’t look much but in real life, with all the shop lights, shiny and clean it…[Read more]

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