• I had just started at uni at the time. 3 years where “quite a lot happened” in eastern europe, what with the fall of the wall, reunification, yugoslavia war, czech/slovak separation, etc.

    My grandfather used to work in the embassy in Berlin, so checkpoint charlie for him would have been called a daily commute. afaik the house was in West Berlin,…[Read more]

  • Indoor drone racing

    That’s one way to get round the retarded new drone laws.

    I’ll be making drones and planes with a mass of 249g maximum, and call it a challenge.

    In the mean time, afaik, the CAA don’t classify model rockets as drones or flying model aircraft, so I shall continue flying model rockets of all sizes from tiny, to “I can’t really…[Read more]

  • Always seem to watch Seth’s Bike Hacks, even though I have little interest in constructed projects or constructed trails, etc.

    Mctrailrider and bkxc – selectively watch those for places I’ve been or interested in going.

    Cathrovision – watch the lot for the race analysis stuff

    Not seen a Barry Godin vid for ages, but used to watch them all…[Read more]

  • probably wrapping up the title by just after the mid season break

    that won’t happen, unless practically every other driver scores nearly 0 points in every race

    a lead that’s unlikely to be chased perhaps, but a mathematical win can only be much later in the season

    I can see Max outscoring Albon in races where they both finish, but Albon…[Read more]

  • There’s no effective chain growth/shrink, at least with absolute black oval rings. The mech doesn’t really move when pedalling. Maybe about 1mm at the end of the mech, and much of that is probably down to the tolerances in the entire system (mech wiggles back and forth a bit just peddalling a conventional round ring when on the bike stand).

    The…[Read more]

  • what’s the “right” pressure?

    the one that the manufacturer specifies for its tyre design?  or the one that fashion dictates?

    I can’t decide from all those disciplines what would be exactly aligned to my riding, since they’re all subjective. So it reckons anything from about 1.8bar-2.4bar.  But then I use roughly 2bar and a smidge over 2bar F…[Read more]

  • andytherocketeer replied to the topic No not like that in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    bananas are sweeter and tastier when eaten from the side like corn on the cob

  • depends on the poll or survey

    an official opinion poll, i’d tell truth

    canvasser asking if they can count on my support, always lie, with the biggest untruths going to the parties I’d never support in a million years

    exit poll, always lie, none of their business, and the impatient sods will get the real answer that matters in a few hours anyway…[Read more]

  • Not one single chain drop, off road, on my absolute black NW ovals on 2 bikes in 2 years.

    And that’s even after remembering half way thru several rides that I forgot to engage the clutch, after releasing it to take wheel out and replace.

    It may derail from the biggest cassette sprocket if pedalling backwards, but why would one pedal backwards…[Read more]

  • D

    as above. bar width is only one more than correct once you are resting your chin on the stem.

    angles will be one beyond right once the steerer tube snaps off due to being too close to horizontal.

    wheelbase only will be 1 too long once the frame needs to be articulating near the BB to be able to get around corners.

    and for gravel bikes,…[Read more]