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    And so it continues

    Them. So you need this? (Picture of banjo bolt y)

    Me. No I need banjo bolt x (include a picture off the web site)

    Them. OMG this is what I asked yesterday. I will send it now.

    I am afraid to reply asking him to confirm he is sending x. Who knows which one will turn up.

  • I think you are all missing something. As the top should never be tucked into the jeans no one will see the leather label anyway so it does not matter.

  • andy4d started the topic Online retail frustrations in the forum Bike Forum 2 days ago

    So I decided to treat myself to a 4 pot slx caliper and other bits from a well known online German retailer. I have used them many times before with no issues. I tell you when something goes wrong it’s a palaver to get sorted. I ordered a new brake hose that included the banjo bolt to go with the caliper and they sent me the wrong version so i…[Read more]

  • andy4d replied to the topic Worn hollowtech axle? in the forum Bike Forum 4 days ago

    Is it definitely the BB? I had a knocking under load, replaced BB and it was still there. Tried greasing all sorts and it was still there. Finally narrowed it down to a worn pedal bushing.

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    Yep, another vote for SLATERS here.

  • andy4d replied to the topic Mtb Ireland in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    If you dont mind a 3 hour trip each way you could visit my local trail centre at Ballyhoura 😂

  • andy4d replied to the topic Caroline Flack RIP in the forum Chat Forum 6 days ago

    Sad to hear of another wasted life.

    I really do worry how society is changing. A lot above rightly blame the press but I feel tv companies are not helping either with programmes like love island (big brother etc) where it’s all about playing with peoples emotions in a bid to drive viewing figures and column inches (I have never watched it but b…[Read more]

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    I am no doctor. After a long period of lower back pain in my mid 30s, trying exercise, new mattress etc it turned out I had ankylosing spondylitis. Only found out when I got a severe dose of uveitis and the eye doc asked about any back pain. I thought it was odd asking me about my back when it was my eye he was treating, but turns out they are…[Read more]

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    If SF had put forward more candidates it may of diluted their vote and led to less success, certainly in the first round counts where they have been so successful. I don’t know how the result will pan out but feel any sort of coalition will be tough to put together and may end up with another election sooner than later.

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    Another vote for the lenovo T series for durability/ruggedness. I have a t450 and love it.

  • I had the same issue where the plastic adapter would not fit into my bb tool ( I had a socket type) and ended up buying a new spanner style to fit it.

  • andy4d started the topic PSA- xt 11sp shifter £16 in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    i know it’s the older I spec b, but CRC have xt m8000 rear shifters for £17.99 plus an extra    10% off, so just over £16. I picked one up for my ‘spares’ box. Thought it might interest someone.

  • If you find a cheap source let me know😉. I just get mine in B+Q

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    I use rose bikes for my wheel building bits. I usually build mine in my frame and don’t have a jig. I like the feel of spokey nipple wrenches and i invested in a parktool nipple driver. It’s pricey (and yes you can make your own) i second what otjers said above and really advise getting some form of driver as it lets you tighten all the nipples to…[Read more]

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    Bought my game mad 12 year old a pi with retropie for Christmas (well really for me to relive my youth). He is enjoying it but I cannot phantom how to play the zx spectrum games. They need the keyboard but I cannot configure it. I tried googling but it looked behind my capabilities so we just play the other games now.

    if anyone has a simple step…[Read more]

  • We never did pocket money until our eldest got a phone at 14. His monthly top up was €15 and we said if you get a phone you buy the credit, so we started pocket money then to see how he got on. We gave him €30 a month. Some months he would skip credit to have more cash etc. we then gave our 11 year old €25 a month, as he has no phone he saves…[Read more]

  • Is this not fairly standard for retailers. They are a retailer not a wholesaler. The shop I work for have a bulk buying policy of 6 (we use our discretion). You would be surprised how many people in other businesses try to buy bulk from us off the shelf as they cannot buy it cheaper than we sell it for. This can create an issue, as if someone…[Read more]

  • As i mentioned earlier in the thread I was born and raised in the Hillfoots (going back this weekend to visit parents and can’t wait). I find it funny reading the info on BofA and Dunblane being popular etc. Nothings changed since the 70s when my folks moved up. They always said they wanted to live Dunblane but couldnt afford the houses at £7k…[Read more]

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    I second looking at the Germans for price. Not sure what brakes you have now but another option could be just new calipers with the bigger rotors.  Bike discount do the slx caliper on it’s own for €56 and you may need a new hose at €20 (for the banjo bolt, olive etc which they sell too, listed at the bottom of the caliper descri…[Read more]

  • My youngest got it from Santa as he is a zelda freak. Finished the game in 2 weeks 🙄 but now spends his time replaying it completing/collecting various bits he missed 1st time round. He has also spent 15 quid on download extras. Not too sure what its all about myself but keeps him quiet for hours on end.

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