• i wasn’t exactly feeling he bottoming out, but the oring was showing it, and using up 150mm~ of travel for what and where i was riding seemed ridiculous, so.. i figured a bit more air pressure to give more support, and keep the geo more stable, could be beneficial.
    i am definitely aware that at times i get down like i am riding on drop bars,…[Read more]

  • bar width is 820 which is uber wide i know especially for me at 5ft8 but.. it seems ok? its hard to say.. i did try moving my arms in and out and to be honest, it feels similar everywhere to me…I am wondering if maybe i should by a cheap set of aluminium bars different riser and angles and see how they feel to compare

  • yer i figured saddle angle would change marginally, so i am going to tip it back a little assuming it doesn’t get uncomfortable, and combine that with a small adjustment of the bars and go from there

  • Hi, weird one, been riding the same bike for 3 months
    DMR trailstar, 130/160 dual position pikes, i do use the dual pos, switching to 130 for the steeper tighter climbs.. ride 160 the rest of the time for bar height.
    originally when i set the bike up i set the forks up for 30% sag… and a few weeks back i decided to go up (down) to around 25%…[Read more]

  • alan1977 replied to the topic Today's eBay special in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    what the hell is that even? i assumed “hone” was a miss type of “hope” but no.. they are hone….
    i mean, i would have bid except the saddle isnt available with it :S
    check out the rest of the crap for sale… i have no idea…. looks like someone that does garage clearance or something…

  • alan1977 replied to the topic How busy does Rogate get? in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    only ever been twice, on peak days.. once in morning, once afternoon
    i would say, get there early on a peak day, or.. leave it until lunchtime, although even through the busiest part of the morning i never found any issue getting anywhere
    and giving the nipper a follow now for epic skills

  • alan1977 replied to the topic Alternatives to QECP in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    Thanks Scott
    obviously very confident that the majority of the trails will remain. i mean a lot of it is natural so…..fingers crossed.. its an amazing site

  • alan1977 replied to the topic Alternatives to QECP in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    Very gutted about the head down rumours, literally the first place i tried any “natural” trail riding since i started last summer.
    Was always under the impression it was a deliberately overlooked location.
    I would have hoped that HCC would have reached out to the guys who look after the QE official trails in a hope to find some sort of…[Read more]

  • alan1977 replied to the topic Rockshox remote levers??? in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    i had the wrong one on my reba, it was labelled in reverse.. click to lock.. push in to unlock…
    kept quickly locking it all the time, which was the opposite of what i actually wanted

  • Ive been running a new set of spank oozy 350 wheels for 3 weeks now/50 ish miles, i moved from WTB i29s on hope hubs.. mainly to save a little rotational weight and gain a little width and “compliance”
    The spank wheels definitely do not seem to spin as freely as my old wheels.. by a massive margin…
    I do need to investigate further, there…[Read more]

  • their own hubs i think

  • recently had the same decision to make
    wanted 30+mm with not ridiculous weight, yet good durability
    i opted for Spank 350 in the end due to CRC having them at the same price as the hunts.

  • alan1977 replied to the topic south downs single track in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    I don’t really remember there being much to the last descent, after you did that mammoth rooty climb and the long flinty (not steep) descent the final little bit seemed to offer very little.
    I don’t believe it compared to the rest of the blue/red sections at all, i guess that’s why they are chucking some table tops in

  • alan1977 replied to the topic south downs single track in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    that’s the red final descent, which was rubbish before hand anyway
    snakes and ladders on the back is open and excellent, i literally only run red to session this section
    as is the snakebites on the mid descent

  • alan1977 replied to the topic south downs single track in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    blue atm is dry bar one berm, top is a little soft.. week or so ago top was slodgy, lowers had some standing water
    some of red is still quite soft but perfectly rideable
    off piste.. well that’s some fun

  • alan1977 replied to the topic south downs single track in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    yup, you can play on the award winning blue trail at QECP or do a little more of a slog along the red

  • Doesn’t help with your question specifically.. but ive got the Endura Mt500 which carries some DH rating being full face… So maybe if you are looking at lightweight FF it should be on your short list.
    My only gripe is you cant park goggles under the visor without them in your eyeline

  • good point, i only notice it in the easier gears…. but thats after descending and having some time to pedal back up before the next

  • Notice this every single time since the weather has turned.
    after some mud, when the whole driveline is covered in clay/chalk/dog eggs i get a knocking sensation…
    First time it happened i thought i had a loose pedal, dodgy BB or my casette was loose on the flywheel.
    turns out, after a few minutes of riding it sorts itself out again, and when the…[Read more]

  • waiting on a pair of fox fire defend to come from CRC.. see how they are at the wekeend, although was confused by sizing so might be a no go

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