• Found some more today up on Woodbury…

  • ajantom replied to the topic Stooge Mk4, how heavy? in the forum Bike Forum 1 day ago

    Bear in mind this on my cheap fishing scales…..
    But mine built up with Surly rabbit hole wheels, Minion DHF front and Goodyear rear, BX dropper post, 1×4 gears + thumbshifter, and gert big steel Surly Sunrise bars is approx 31lbs.

    Did 28ish miles on it today, and it was ace. Bit draggy on the road section at the end, but both tyres have pretty…[Read more]

  • ajantom replied to the topic New front brake X2 or E4 in the forum Bike Forum 2 days ago

    Assume you mean caliper only for just £56?

    I’ve got Tech 3 X2s on one bike, and they’re great. Lovely feel & modulation. Never felt under-breaked, even at somewhere like BPW.

    Got Tech Evo M4s (very similar to the E4s) on another bike and they’re a bit fiddlier to set up, and the pistons can move unevenly sometimes. Stop you well enough though.

  • ajantom replied to the topic Gearbox bikes – talk to me in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    ajantom – you can fit a rohloff in pretty much any dropouts

    Well you can and you can’t.
    The Stooge comes with 12 x 142 dropouts, which AFAIK, you can get a Rohloff kit for, but they don’t guarantee it will work all types of thru-axles.
    It will however work fine with vertical dropouts, some of which Andy is getting in later in the year.

  • ajantom replied to the topic Gearbox bikes – talk to me in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    As a big fan of internal gears I did a lot of research last year, but eventually decided not to pull the trigger on a pinion frame.

    It wasn’t the performance, but eventually the initial visit that put me off. But I’m still keen to go for it in the future 😉
    In the end I went for Stooge MK4, and am looking to fit a Rohloff to it when Andy gets…[Read more]

  • Ah fuck, that’s crap.

    Saw him plenty of times (and met him to speak to a few occasions) in London in the mid to late 90s.
    Great musician and producer, and a lovely man.

    Saw him clear a room with really harsh techno after a very chilled Red Snapper gig once. Fuckin hilarious!

  • ajantom replied to the topic Rever MTN1s, anyone got them? in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    They look like ripoff Spyre/Spyke’s

    They do a bit, but better pad access, i.e. can change pads with wheel in.
    They also take the better/larger Shimano G pads.

    Anyway, found a cracking deal – £130 for two full sets (calipers, levers, cables, discs, mounts and bolts).

    I have Spyres on my gravel bike, so will be able to compare them.

  • ajantom replied to the topic Middleburn crank spline in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    Nope, looks like it should fit WI rings for example, but different size.

  • As it’s still pissing down out there I’ve been in the garage fettling, and decided that the BB7s on one of my bikes are getting very tired…bashed up, scratched up, a bit wobbly, and generally seen better days!

    A while ago I saw the Rever MTN1s mentioned somewhere, and they looked like a decent alternative to BB7s. Dual piston design, a bit like…[Read more]

  • DMR Trailstar £320 direct from DMR.
    Much more modern geo then the Onza, and a threaded BB to boot.

  • ajantom replied to the topic Adoption in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    We’ll done and congratulations 👍

    Sounds very like what me and my wife went through 6 years ago.
    Slow process to start off with, then got approved at panel, and straight after our SW sat us down and told us about a little baby girl….

    She’s currently downstairs crafting a unicorn horn out of toilet rolls like her life depends on it.

    Best…[Read more]

  • OP just send them back. If you can try and get a tech3 based system. Much nicer lever.

    The Tech 3 lever doesn’t play nicely with the thumbshifter I have on this bike.
    I know cos I tried some Tech 3 X2 brakes on it.
    The Tech 2 lever is longer and lower so works better.

    Anyway, seller has offered a £10 refund, so I’ll take that and see how…[Read more]

  • I’m beginning to think that might be the best option.
    Annoyingly I’ve already bought some new pads for the brakes (he did at least say they needed new pads in the listing!) and they won’t fit any of my other brakes. So that’d be £15 wasted.

  • Yeah, I do want them, but can you open a PP case for a partial refund?

  • Hive mind opinion needed…

    I bought some Hope brakes on ebay, decent price but not a steal, and one of the Tech Evo lever blades is a bit bent, and has marks that look like someone has had it in a vice and tried to straighten it.

    Wasn’t mentioned in the listing, and the seller denies knowledge of this (why of course!).
    He also won’t entertain…[Read more]

  • I get the feeling they’re running down the PPI claims depts at banks, and trying to get shot of as many claims as possible as soon as possible.

    The amount just refunded is for far more than I ever borrowed on either of the Barclaycards it relates to. Even with interest and compensation I can’t see how they came to the figures.

    Not complaining at…[Read more]

  • Well fuck me, but another £5300 refund appeared in my account this week.

    I’ve just bought a new guitar.
    And the wife has booked us a holiday.

    Priorities right? 😉😁

  • More Stoogey goodness…

  • ajantom replied to the topic Knives, multi tools, EDC? in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Ah, I remember the days when every bit in school carried a tool*

    *Swiss army knife 😉

  • ajantom replied to the topic Storm Ciara in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Saturday ride it is then!
    Pity it drizzled last night, as it’s been dry all week 🙁

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