Issue 73

Singletrack Issue 73


Singletrack Magazine Issue 73 (1)
Shot by Gary Perkin

“After breaking my back on a motorbike covering the 2010 Cape Epic, I have a bit of leverage with the organisers. So much so that they willingly provide a helicopter for all eight days of racing, for me to play the photographic version of Apocalypse Now. Minutes prior to this I had been shooting above the singletrack in the trees, struggling to get a definitive shot of singletrack & riders due to the dense foliage. Then I remembered we were coming up on some open trails – knowledge I had from riding at Oak Valley a while back. So we waited for about two minutes in the air above the track for Christoph Sauser and Burry Stander to come into shot. The shot with just the two of them on the singletrack was good – but when the TV helicopter came into the bottom of the frame I knew it was just going to get better. Hanging out of the helicopter – there are no doors for better shooting – and looking through the viewfinder trying to direct the pilot – up, down, backwards forwards, left right, nose back, spin round etc. – gets a bit tricky compared to just shuffling your GoreTex boots in the mud of a World Cup … but I think you’ll agree the end result is worth it.”

Singletrack Magazine Issue 73 (2)
Shot by Chipps

“We like to think that every day working on Singletrack is an education of some kind. For Chipps, this issue saw him learning all about how the other half live – at the other end of the day. Dawn raid, very early, somewhere above Rochdale.”


9/ Editorial.
Chipps is a hoarder. He’s not ashamed.

10/ UK Riding: Gnar Where You Are.

Singletrack Magazine Issue 73 (4)
‘alifax by Sim.

Riding from your doorstep is fab. Matt and Sim make the most of their concrete-clad surroundings.

22/ Column: Inconvenient Truths.
Benji’s figured out how to be a winner, and he’s going to share the secret.

24/ Stat Of The Art.
It’s not the length – it’s the girth that matters.

26/ Column: New. But Not Too New.
Everyone likes a new bike, right? Wrong. John Pensink is contrary.

28/ Tech Talk: The Third Way.
650B. Answer to a question that nobody’s asking, or the Emperor’s new wheel size?

32/ Jewel of the Isle: Leith Hill Tower.
They have cafes down south, too. Often on top of hillocks.

36/ International Travel: Bikepacking in Big Bend.

Singletrack Magazine Issue 73 (2)
Texas by Cass Gilbert.

Cass Gilbert saddles up the iron horse and sets off across a Texan desert in search of nothing but nothing.

46/ Interview: Wes Williams.
Adam P. Hunt talks to the real godfather of the 29in bike.

54/ International Travel: One Man And His Bike.

Singletrack Magazine Issue 73 (3)
Majorca by Brendon Tyree.

Brendon Tyree heads off to Majorca for some springtime island fun.

66/ Classic Rides: The Devil’s Staircase.
Jenn rides to hell and back, via Kinlochleven.

Devil’s Staircase route GPX.

78/ The Big Feature: Getting On A Bit.
Steve Worland gives us the bike rider’s perception of degeneration and how to deal with it.

88/ UK Riding: The Other Six O’Clock.

Singletrack Magazine Issue 73 (1)
Morning Ride by Chipps.

Chipps tries getting up early to see if he likes it.

100/ A Question Of Fitness.
Our experts talk you through blood donation, how to kick-start your metabolism and the pro-racer’s daily strength workout in a tree.

104/ Bike Test: Vertically Challenged Full Suspension.
Three big fun bikes for little people from Orange, Trek and Scott.

  • Orange Five Diva
  • Trek Lush SL
  • Scott Contessa Genius

114/ Grinder.
We’ve been out riding our bikes in the name of testing things again.

  • Bionicon C-Guide V2
  • Maxxis High Roller 2
  • Revelate Designs Tangle Frame Bag
  • Montane Air Jacket
  • Hope Seat Clamp
  • Crank Brothers Iodine Stem
  • EDZ Cool Climate Merino Baselayer
  • Nukeproof/DT Swiss 29″ custom wheel build
  • Hope Eternity seatpost
  • Aeropress Aerobie coffee maker

120/ Grinder Bike: Cannondale Jekyll 3.
Jamie and the Magic All-Mountain Bike.

128/ Grouptest: 140mm (or thereabouts) Forks.
Seven springers for the front of your bike.

  • DT Swiss XMM 140 Twin Shot
  • Fox 32 RLC FIT 14o
  • Marzocchi 44 Micro Switch TA
  • Rock Shox Revelation RCT3 DP
  • X-Fusion Velvet RL2 DLA
  • Fox 34TALAS 29 140 FIT RLC
  • Rock Shox Revelation 29 XX Dual Air 140

138/ Next Month.
Issue 74 might look something like this; new puppies and unseasonal snowstorms permitting.

140/ Premier Listings.
Proud owner of a Premier Member’s card? This is what it gets you…

146/ We Just Work Here.
Who does what, how to get in touch, what helped this issue on its way and who we’d like to thank.


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  1. I downloaded the hi pdf version on my laptop. My first impression is that you really need to get a handle on the page order in the pdf. One of the points that you’ve made in the first two revamped issues is the wrap around cover image, but I can’t view the pdf that way for issue 72 or 73. When I view two pages side-by-side in Acrobat Reader X, the front cover is the left page and the back cover is the right hand page; the image is not at all continuous! This issue’s initial pages consist of:
    – Front Cover
    – Back Cover
    – Front Cover (yes, again!)
    – A 2 page Genesis ad (that is split in 2 page view!)
    – A 2 page Wiggle ad (that is split in 2 page view!!)
    – The table of contents photo
    – The table of contents page (not visible with the photo!)

    Come on guys; you can do better than this!

  2. You need to adjust your settings in Acrobat Reader.

    Here’s how to do it..

    Go to View – Page View then choose 2page view but also make sure you check the ‘coverpage during 2page’ option.

  3. Also the reason the cover is in there twice is deliberate. It means you get to view the wraparound cover image in all it’s glory – once you have your Acrobat Reader page settings set as above.

  4. i’m still waiting for the gpx files for the Preselli ride from issue 72!!!!!!

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  8. I’m with Dave Evans42,

    No GPX files as promised in the mag.

  9. I can’t d/l epub version for some reason…

  10. mmm, not too sure what’s going on. when i d/l the kindle version it’s a load of gobbledegook! (on kindle and within browser)

  11. So what’s happening with the GPX files??? Somewhere hidden or just disappeared?

  12. To disappear they have to be there in the first place!! LOL

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