Issue 57

7. Editorial
Chipps reckons if you look for them the people behind the brands are still around, and happy to chat.

8. 10 Under
Chipps and Sim check out Scotland’s premier race series, and bring snow to Scotland.

16. Superenduro Italia
Greg Herbold gets his race face on in Italy.

22. Column: One Man’s Junk
Ed Oxley meets an old friend between someone else’s legs.

24. Interview: Transition Bikes
Benji talks to one of the most exciting brands in mountain biking right now.

30. Column: Back To The Future

33. Bike Test: Performance 29ers
Big wheel action from Gary Fisher, Santa Cruz and Singular Cycles.

42. Fish Out Of Water: Rock Climbing
Jon Woodhouse just can’t get enough of rock action.

50. Grinder
The verdicts are in on the latest haul of kit.

62. Competition
Win £800 worth of hardware from Transition

64. Trail Tetris
Chipps is amazed that other people know about his ‘secret’ trails.

70. Grouptest: Bike Racks
Mark investigates which racks will keep your bike attched to your car even after you’ve done doughnuts in Tesco carpark.

78. Singletrack Classic Weekender
The event everybody is talking about. Especially us.

82. Down The Local
Dave Anderson goes hunting for trails in the place you least expect, the middle of town.

90. Head to Head: Bike Porn
The Ibis Tranny and Commençal Absolut 4X Ti get physical. Ed Oxley referees.

94. Column: Adam’s Apple
Matt is convinced that ignorance is bliss.

96. Column: Blame The Dog
Mike Ferrentino goes primal.

100. Gallery: Power Of Four
The winners of our photo competition revealed.

108. Fitness: Spare time
Matt Hart says you have no excuses for not being fit.

116. Route: Snowdonia Unknown.
Benji shows you the other other way down Snowdon.

Snowdon route 1 GPX.
Snowdon route 2 GPX.
Snowdon route 3 GPX.

127. Outro
The usual selection of oddness.