Issue 45

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine

November 2008

In this Issue:
Photo Special
Isle of Man Route Guide
Carrying Bikes

Cover Picture: By Jordan Manley
Contents Picture: By Jordan Manley
Spineline: Yes, through my neighbours letter box , shouting “the martians have landed”


Chipps looks forward to the grey gloom of the winter with rare enthusiasm.

We Heart Slovenia

There are many reasons we love Slovenia, but miles of empty trails is one of the most compelling ones. Matt Letch and Dave Anderson revisit one of their favourite countries.

Photo Special – Scenes

Art Director Sim introduces our Photo Special section. This year it’s a study on riding ‘scenes’ from around the world.

Scene One – Brighton

Jenn Hopkins looks at the vibrant Brighton riding community.

Scene Two – Delamere Cake Club

Steve Makin shot the riders who ride around Delamere Forest purely to justify the cakes at the end.

Riding with the Doctor

Chipps rides an epic Kinlochleven back-country loop in the Scottish Highlands with the enigmatic ‘Doctor Jon’.

Bike Test. The U.S.A.

Four bikes from the U.S.A. tested, from Ellsworth, Intense, Niner and Specialized.

  • Ellsworth Moment Mk3
  • Intense Tracer VP
  • Niner R.I.P. 9
  • Specialized Pitch Pro

Scene Three – Vancouver Nights

Dan Barham follows a group of Canadian night riders as they ride scary, sketchy, high up trails. At night…

Column: Faye Stewart

Faye provides endless fuel for domestic arguments by declaring she couldn’t survive without at least five bikes.

Scent Four – Mostly Chamonix

Chamonix-based Dan Milner reckons that most of the best riding is in his home town. Not all of it though… just most.

Through the Grinder

Some real-world, honest reviews of battle-scarred products after a hard season of testing. It’s a wonder we have anything left.

  • Shimano M122 Shoes
  • MRP XCG Single bash guard
  • Try-All 108.9 freewheel
  • TSG Evolution Super Lite Helmet
  • Hope Ceramic Bottom Bracket
  • DT EXC 150
  • Avid Code Disc Brake
  • KHS XCT 555

Flat Pedal Mini Group Test

  • Crank Brothers 5050xx
  • DMR V12 Magnesium
  • Syncros Mental NMagnesium
  • Atomlab Aircorp
  • Easton Flatboy

Scene Five – World Tour

Simon Cittati shoots great pictures, but he also manages team Playbiker/Iron Horse and reports from a year on the circuit.

Blame The Dog – Mike Ferrentino

After years of grumpy ‘What if?’ thinking, our American correspondent manages to join the ‘glass half full’ club.

Fitness – All about pasta

Matt Hart tells all (and we mean all) about the everyday cyclist’s favourite food.

Column: Hetty Joplin

A look at how a regular ride can (and perhaps must) evolve over time, whether you like it or not.

Grouptest: Helmet Cameras

Haven’t you heard? Unless you can Youtube your rides, they don’t count. Benji looks at the latest in on-bike and on-helmet videography.

  • Tony Hawk Helmet Cam
  • Oregon ATC3K
  • GoPro Motorsports HERO
  • Oregon ATC5K
  • Twenty20 VholdR Wearable Camcorder
  • VIO POV-1

Brooks Saddles

A photo-heavy glimpse into the traditional world of the classic, British-made, leather Brooks saddle.

Column: Alex Leigh

Alex gets close to slipping into middle age without his mountain bike to keep him young (or at least foolish).

The Carry

Matt points out that carrying your bike (and getting lost, cold and injured) is a valuable part of mountain biking that many riders now miss out on.

Singletrack Propaganda

Lots of great offers on Singletrack merchandise.

Competition – Win a Wilma-7 LED light!

Win a £500 Lupine light. For free! With no catches!

Long Term Test Bikes

A look at the long term loaners in the sheds and cellars of the Singletrack crew.

  • Orange Alpine 5
  • Bianchi P.U.S.S.
  • Project BeFe
  • Ibis Mojo
  • Giant Anthem
  • Orange Patriot 66
  • Commencal Meta 5

Column: Philip Diprose

Philip Diprose marvels at a Stag Weekend spent mountain biking.

Route Guide: The Isle of Man

Benji steams over to the Isle of Man to find an island full of trails.

Outro – Jersey Winners

We had so many ‘Design a jersey’ entries that we had to dedicate a page to some of the more colourful entries.