Issue 37

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine September 2007

In this Issue:
Chris Porter Interview
Clipless Pedals and Grips Group Tests
Shropshire Route Guides
Orange Staircase and Living the TransAlp
Taking Back Adventure

Cover photo: Jon Woodhouse finding his dusty inner self, Ketchurn Idaho. By Sterling Lorence.
Contents Picture: Nichola Weaver, Bowderdale in the Howgills. By Steve Longdon.
Spineline: It’s like a sponge island in a sea of custard.


Chipps suggests you start looking at the world beyond your camera’s viewfinder screen.

Orange Staircase

Were those late ‘80s mountain bike pioneers as rugged as they looked in the magazines? Chipps retraces a route and reckons so.

The Moment

Have you experienced a perfect moment of skill and balance on the bike? It’s rare, as several of our regular contributors attest.

Blame The Dog

Mike Ferrentino’s regular column centres around a controversial Scrabble game and the need for cheap, sealed bearings.

Interview – Chris Porter

Benji talks to Mojo Suspension’s main man. The ex-bike journo, suspension expert with an opinion on everything.

Bike Test – Sub 100mm XC bikes

A bumper FIVE bike test this issue with bikes from Giant, Iron Horse, Kona, Litespeed and Tomac

  • Giant Anthem 1
  • Iron Horse Azure Comp
  • Kona Hei Hei
  • Litespeed Sewanee
  • Tomac Carbide XC


Six pages of stunning pictures to remind you that there was a summer somewhere this year. Shots by Steve Longdon, Simon F Barnes, Kit Carruthers and James Dymond.

Column: Selling Up

Roly Lambert talks himself up from brake pads to a complete new bike in a mere few bike shop visits.


Real world testing of new components, including our first take on new Shimano XT and also Orange’s belt-driven bike.

  • Hope Mono Mini Pro Disc Brakes
  • Hope 1.5” Stepdown Headset
  • Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock
  • Titec Pluto Carbon Bars
  • Shimano XT
  • Specialized BG Pro Shoes
  • Deuter Race EXP Air
  • Identiti Alloy QR Seat Clamp
  • Carnac Xenon
  • Foes FXR 2:1
  • Orange P7 Belt Drive Prototype

Column: Back to the Future

Philip Diprose chances upon some old magazines and ponders if the sport has really changed that much in the intervening years.

Grouptest: Clipless pedals

Everyone needs pedals, so Mark has rounded up a dozen or so clipless pedals to see what’s out there.

  • Shimano M970 XTR
  • Shimano M770 XT
  • Shimano M540
  • Time Atac XS
  • Ritchey Comp
  • Ritchey Pro
  • Ricthey WCS
  • Crank Bros Eggbeater 2Ti
  • Crank Bros Mallet C
  • VPI Bebop
  • Outland MTB Clipless

Column: Empire of Dirt

Julian Birch reckons that you might know many trails around the world, but you’ll never know his trails as well as he does.

Fitness: A Big Day Out

Our new fitness guru Matt Hart tells you what you need to do to prepare to fuel yourself on a big day out, whether it be race, enduro or just a monster ride.

Living the TransAlp

Peter Walker talks us through the hidden world of the TransAlp competitor – including the eating, snoring, naked German aspects that are best not thought about.

Fish Out Of Water – Taking Back Adventure

Sim goes on his first overnight bivvy and discovers a surprising affinity with the rugged, minimal life of the free camper.

Bike Porn – Santa Cruz Easy Rider

This is what happens when the Santa Cruz engineers have a spare afternoon in the workshop with a couple of beers.

Fitness: Fitting In

Edd Kenny-Herbert details what happens when you go for a full evaluation and bike-fitting at a top London outfit. Apart from them laughing at his saddle height…

Column: For the Glory

Matt describes his fear of slowing down. He wants to go out with a bang, not a whimper – but the whimpering (or at least the whingeing) is starting now.

Column: Going Out With a Bang

Alex Leigh reckons that if you’re going to give up mountain biking for good, the only place for it is at the bottom of a perfectly-ridden Porcupine Rim trail in Moab, Utah.

Grouptest: Grips

Like pedals, everyone needs a pair of grips on their bike, so our resident Dr Rubber, Benji has ridden and rated 36 pairs so that you don’t have to.

  • Tioga Gritty
  • Cannondale V-Tech
  • Titec High Side Dualies
  • Bike Ribbon Nazca
  • ODI O
  • ODI Longneck ST
  • Raleigh MTB Triple Density
  • Gusset Bastard
  • Titec Pork Rinds
  • Oury Mountain
  • Tioga Mushy
  • Lizard Skins Charger
  • Bike Ribbon Greyscale
  • Bontrager Select
  • Cannondale C-Logo
  • Club Roost Spiral
  • Ergon GR2-L Lock-on
  • Ergon GP1-S Lock-on
  • Race Face Diabolus Lock-on
  • WTB 4 Front Lock-on
  • Outland Enduro 24 Lock-on
  • Cane Creek Locking Lock-on
  • ODI Rogue Lock-on
  • ODI X-Treme Lock-on
  • Outland Enduro Lock-on
  • WTB MotoTec Lock-on
  • Club Roost Mucho GoFast Lock-on
  • Cannondale Grind Lock-on
  • Titec Hellbent Lock-on
  • Lizard Skins Moab Lock-on
  • ODI Cross Trainer Lock-on
  • Lizards Skins Logo Lock-on
  • ODI Ruffian Lock-on
  • Hutchinson Bulldog Lock-on
  • Brooks Leather Lock-on
  • Oury Lock-On Lock-on
  • Bontrager Big Earl Lock-on

Mark’s Toolshed

Mark rates two contrasting but essential tools – the shiny chain tool and the very unshiny bench vice.

Route Guide: Shropshire

Benji and Sim show you round some of the best mountain biking in the country. It must be, Ben says so.


Silly pictures and a stern warning to take life easy in order to speed up.