Issue 24

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine November 2005

In this Issue:
Andy Pruitt Interview
Buyers Guide Group Test Issue
The South Downs Route Guides
The Burning Man

Cover photo: Ben Haworth rides Midget’s Pit, Calderdale. By Craig Woodhouse.
Contents photo: Mark Alker.
Spineline: When I get to his nipples it keeps crashing.

Issue 24: Editorial

Chipps reflects on the difference it makes when you are equipped with the right stuff for new adventures.

Singletrack Grinder Week

What happened when the Singletrack writers met some Singletrack readers for a week of bikes, bread and beer in the Swiss Alps.

Bike Porn

The Scott Ransom sees the outdoors company continue their mission to carbon fibre the planet with their latest none-more-black full suspension bike. Some pretty fantastic plastic.

Fort William World Cup

With a British winner in two categories and a distinct lack of midges the final round of the mntain bike World Cup at Fort William was a resounding success.


Andy Pruitt has been quietly working away in the background helping make peoples bikes more comfortable to ride.

Bike Porn

The Orange 224 is the downhill machine used by Steve Peat. Singletrack take a closer look.


With seemingly all his inspiration dried up, Jon Wyatt has one desperate last fling with the dark side. Will he ever be the same again?


Just when we thought it wasn’t possible to fit any more products into this issue, the team report on the kit that has been on test over recent months.

  • Fox 36RC Forks
  • Answer Pro Taper Riser Bars
  • Endura Wool Jersey
  • JMR Whiskies
  • Mounrtain LED Deerstopper lights
  • Gusset Iron Fist Stealth Gloves
  • Dirtworker Portable Jetwash
  • DAK F-T-C Bike Storage System
  • Topeak Pocket Shock
  • Suunto Compass
  • Rapha Sportwool Jersey
  • Chariot CX1 Child Trailer

Bike Porn

The Merlin Roots is a very special bike from a renowned titanium manufacturer and is a very limited edition cruiser.


Take a break and enjoy these great photos from Chris Garrison, Ben Haworth, Olly Townsend and Steve Makin.


What tyres for… Over fifty sets tested by the Singletrack team.

  • Bontrager Big Earl 2.5
  • Bontrager Jones AC-X 2.2
  • Bontrager Jones AC 2.1
  • Bontrager Jones XR (F: 2.25 R 2.2)
  • Continental Diesel 2.5
  • Continental Explorer Protection 2.1
  • Continental Gravity Protection 2.3
  • Continental Flow Protection 2.3
  • Continental Vertical Protection 2.3
  • DMR Moto Digger 2.35
  • Geax Argo 2.0
  • Geax Barro Marathon 2.1
  • Geax Barro Mud 1.7
  • Geax Mezcal 2.1
  • Intense Cross Country C3 2.25
  • Intense System 1 C3 2.0
  • Intense System 2 C3 2.0
  • IRC Mibro 2.25
  • IRC Stingo 1.9
  • Kenda Blue Groove DTC 2.1
  • Kenda Cortez DTC 2.2
  • Kenda Karma L3 Pro 2.0
  • Kenda Kinetics Stick-E 2.35
  • Kenda Knarly Stick-E 2.1
  • Kenda Nevegal DTC 2.1
  • Kenda Short Tracker 2.35
  • Klein Deathgrip SL 2.35
  • Maxxis Larsen TT 1.9
  • Maxxis Medusa 2.1
  • Maxxis Swamp Thing Super Tacky 2.35
  • Michelin Expert All Mountain 2.2
  • Michelin Expert XCR Mud 2.0
  • Michelin XCR All Terrain 2.0
  • Panaracer Cinder 2.25
  • Panaracer Fire Mud Prop 1.8
  • Panaracer Fire XC Pro 2.1
  • Panaracer Speedblaster 1.95
  • Panaracer Trailraker 2.1
  • Ritchey Motovader 2.4
  • Schwalbe Albert 2.25
  • Schwalbe Black Shark Mud 2.1
  • Schwalbe Jimmy 2.1
  • Schwalbe Little Albert 2.1
  • Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25
  • Specialized Roller Pro RS 2.4
  • Specialized Team Armadillo Control 2.1
  • Specialized Team Armadillo Master 1.95
  • Syncros BHT-2 2.35
  • Syncros FLT-3 2.0
  • WTB EpicWolf Race 2.1
  • WTB Motoraptor 2.24
  • WTB Weirwold Race 2.5


Lights. It’s that time of year again where night riding means you can get still get out there after work and ride.

  • Blackburn System X LED
  • Cateye Triple Shot LED
  • Electron 5W and 10W
  • Hope Vision
  • Light and Motion Arc Li-Ion Ultra HID
  • Light and Motion Vega LED
  • Lumicycle HID
  • Lupine Nightmare Pro Halogen
  • Solidlights 1303 LED
  • Solstice HID
  • USE Exposure Race LED
  • USE Exposure Enduro LED

Suspension and Gears – A Victimless Crime

Alex Leigh has tried singlespeeding and unlike a lot of folk he’s realised it’s pointless and rubbish. Hate mail to the usual address please.


Win a Pedro’s toolkit worth £500. It’s probably one of the most slavered over prizes we’ve ever given away. Win this and you’ll wish you had even more broken bikes.

Bike Porn

The rarest form of a Rock Lobster is the genuinely US made. Touched by the hand of Paul Sadoff himself, piece of slick steely hardtail goodness.


Race Shoes. Stiff sleek, no-frills and 100% efficient. Modern race shoes are the formula one of the cycling footwear world.

  • Adidas Trailstar XC Race
  • Cannondale Carve
  • Diadora Team Racer
  • Merida Carbon Plus
  • Nike Alpin II
  • Northwave Celcius
  • Northwave Rockster
  • Pearl Izumi Juice MTB
  • Scott Team MTB
  • Shimano M121
  • Shimano M225
  • Sidi Dragon SRS
  • Specialized Comp Carbon
  • Specialized S-Works Carbon
  • Specialized Trail 120 SL
  • Time MXT MTB


Socks. Who doesn’t wear socks? That’s why the team are looking at what’s on offer.

  • 661 Beer Socks
  • Adidas Offr Trail Sock
  • DeFeet Woolie Boolies
  • Dirt Rag Argyle
  • Falke BCI Coolmax
  • Gore Bike Performance
  • Nema FST
  • Prendas Ciclismo Coolmax Socks
  • Seal Skinz Mid Light
  • Seal Skinz Ultra Light
  • Sock Guy
  • Sock Guy Wool
  • Sugoi Wool Sock


Trail Shoes. Shoes and boots that will withstand a bit of off piste hiking, scuffing and are still good enough to pedal in and be seen wearing down the pub.

  • Cannondale Roam
  • Five Ten
  • Merida PC008C
  • Pearl Izumi Groove
  • Scott Trail
  • Shimano SH-MT30
  • Shimano SH-MT50
  • Shimano SH-MT90
  • SixSixOne Tiburon 3
  • Specialized Buzzsaw


Jackets. From showerproofs that pack down to the size of a Granny Smith, to proper deluge stoppers, we’re testing the best jackets out there.

  • Adidas Response CP
  • Adidas Storm
  • Altura Kinetic
  • Altura New Altitude
  • Beghaus Denizen Pac Lite
  • Berghaus Sanctuary
  • Berghaus Tyrant XCR
  • Cannondale Morphis Shell
  • Edinburgh Bicycle Coop Protective Victoria
  • Endura Biker
  • Endura Crosstrack
  • Endura Fusion Soft Shell
  • Gill Adrenaline Jacket Red
  • Gore Bike Wear Pac Lite Cross
  • Gore Path
  • Montane 200 Waterproof
  • Pearl Izumi Barrier


Wheelsets. Are factory built, OEM and aftermarket wheels a match for the wizened old boy’s handbuilt jobs from the local bike shop?

  • Bontrager Race Lite
  • Bontrager Race X-Lite
  • Cane Creek Terros Disc
  • Cane Creek Zonos Disc
  • DT XR 1540
  • Halo Excite-R
  • Halo Freedom Disc
  • Mavic Crossmax Enduro Disc
  • Mavic Crossmax XL Disc
  • Mavic Crossride
  • Merida A Class
  • Shimano XT WH-M765
  • Shimano XTR WH-M965


Leave behind thoughts of scratchy and interestingly patterned wool jumpers you had from your gran for Christmas. Read why wool is picking up more and more converts.


Hydration packs. The mountain bikers handbag. From a simple water carrier up to an expedition rucksack, we look at them all.

  • Camelbak Havoc
  • Camelbak Lobo
  • Camelbak Magic
  • Dakine Nomad
  • Dakine Shuttle
  • Deuter Hydro Exp12
  • Deuter Hydro Lite 2
  • Force Ten Hydro 15
  • Hydrapak Big Sur
  • Hydrapak Chute
  • North Face Dogfish
  • North Face Mako
  • North Face Mega Mouth
  • Source Spinner Pro2
  • Source Vector

Editor’s choice

The extended family of Singletrack contributors divulge the word on a selection of products that they can’t bear to go out on a ride without.


Heart Rate Monitors. Are you still alive?

  • Cateye CC HR200DW
  • Ciclosport XC2
  • DHB HRM 19
  • Echowell Echo XR
  • Polar CS200CAD
  • Suunto T6


Eyewear. They can make you look cool (or stupid), but they’ll probably save you from eye damage.

  • Adidas Elevation Pro
  • Adidas Evil Eye
  • Bloc Stingray
  • Bloc Wing
  • Cratoni Challenger
  • Cratoni Speedblade
  • DHB Triple Lens
  • Madison D’Arcs
  • Oakley Racing Jackets
  • Oakley Zero
  • Specialized Arc
  • Specialized Shiftys
  • Sundog Madman X
  • Sundog Relay
  • Uvex Xeno Pro
  • Zeal Optics Blast
  • Zeal Optics Slipstream


Tools. A great bike is no good if it’s broken. Good tools help keep your bike running.

  • Buddy Spokey Pro Red
  • Crank Brothers Multi 10
  • Crank Brothers Multi 17
  • Crank Brothers Multi 19
  • Hanztoolz Mighty 11
  • Park AWS-11
  • Park CT-6
  • Park IB-2
  • Park PPM-3
  • Pedros Intensive Care Unit
  • Pedros Small Tool Kit
  • Specialized EMT Micro
  • Specialized EMT Race
  • Topeak Droid
  • Topeak Mini 9
  • Topeak Mini 16
  • Topeak Mini 18


Tights and Trousers. We try to ignore it but it’s going to become even colder and wetter before we know it. Leg covering’s studied just in the nick of time.


  • Endura Thermastat Biblongs
  • Endura Thermolite Biblongs
  • Gore Bike Wear Thermopower Windstopper Bibtight
  • Gill Comp Bibtight
  • Sugoi Base Bloc Transition Bibtight
  • Sugoi Firewall Bibtight


  • Altura Altitude
  • Altura Dryline
  • Berghaus Bike Goretex XCR Accession
  • DHB Hartiong Breathable
  • Gore Bike Wear Profi II

No More Fluffy Kittens and Barbie Bells

Are bikes and components designed for women really worth the effort or is it just a case of spraying them a different colour and slapping a new sticker on?


Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on.

The Burning Man

An annual gathering of hippies, drop outs, artists and bikers that takes place in some far corner of an American desert. Like Glastonbury meets Area 51.


Base layers. They wick moisture away from the your skin and keep you toasty.

  • Berghaus Taper Fleece
  • Berghaus Zen Tee Short Sleeve
  • Cannondale Base Layer Ladies Light Top
  • Cannondale Base Layer Plus Crew Long Sleeve
  • DHB Drywool Base Layer Short Sleeve
  • Endura Thermolite Base Layer Long Sleeve
  • Ground Effect Submerino Long Sleeve
  • Howies Drywool Base Layer Short Sleeve
  • Sugoi Maverick Long Sleeve
  • Sugoi Patriot Fino-Stretch

Body Armour and Protection

Increasing numbers of people are heading out with knee, shin and elbow pads and guards. Singletrack investigate the options.

Route Guide

The South Downs. So far away from Singletrack Towers that we get nosebleeds just looking at maps. Over 150km of excellent trails where the South will rise again and again and again.

  • Short Route 12.6km (7.8 miles), 2 hours
  • Medium route 39.5km (24.5 miles), 4-5 hours
  • Long Route 82.4km (51.4 miles), all day

Armchair Story

Outside Broadcast. Alex Davidson and friends utilise an ex-BBC outdoors broadcast ve-hi-cle in the format of a basic camper van and head off around France with bikes on board.


Spread the word about how much you love Singletrack by buying a load of stuff that has the logo plastered all over it.

Market Place

Go on holiday, buy stuff, claim discounts, find stuff and much more besides.


Finally this bumper edition of the mag is nearly at an end. Time to stick in lots of silly photos and a random bunch of thoughts. Seems to work.