Issue 1

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine Spring 2001

In this Issue:
Michael Bonney Interview
Berwyn Mountains Route Guides
Boyz on the Hoodz
The Big Trip – USA

Cover photo: Rider Outline. By Andy McCandlish.
Contents photo: By Seb Rogers.
Spineline: No spinelines until issue five.


Chipps and Mark mark the launch of Singletrack magazine with a couple of introductory pages.

The Big Trip – USA

Chipps recounts a two week, two thousand mile road trip across the USA, including stops at legendary riding areas of Moab, Durango, Flagstaff, Sedona, Las Vegas, Santa Cruz, and Marin County in Northern California.


A collection of photos by Andy McCandlish

Industry Insider

Chipps & co. head North interviews Michael Bonney, founder of Orange Mountain Bikes – A behind the scenes contributor to the mountain bike world.


Steve Delacruz makes a guest appearance as a contributor and tries to pin down what mountain biking means to him.

Column One

Dostoyevsky’s bicycle… Ben Boney M considers how books can attempt to convey the real spirit of ‘lifes greatest distraction’ and whether or not ‘bicycle suffering’ has truly been understood.

Bike Test

Three British manufacturers grace the first issue – featuring:

  • Pace RC300
  • Orange Sub 5
  • Planet X Compo

Long Term Tests

Feedback on a number of components and other kit thats been under test for quite some time. This issue reviews:

  • Easton Monkey Lite Riser Bars
  • SRAM 9.0SL Derailleur
  • Giro Pneumo Helmet
  • Adidas Sprocket Glasses
  • Race Face SYStem
  • Thule 510 Roof Mount


A collection of photographs from the lens of Seb Rogers

Exclusive Test

Chipps gets a first look at Paul Turner’s new Maverick full suspension bike.


The Berwyn Mountains, North Wales – three routes described as well as crucial information on what services and ammenities are in the area when you arrive:

  • Easy 19km (12 miles), 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Medium 33.5km (21 miles) , 3-4 hours
  • Expert 57km (36 miles), 6-8 hours

Road Trip

Nuclear Power Play. Rides near the nuclear powerstations of Hinckley Point, Trawsfynydd and Sellafield. Words and pictures by Chipps.

Column Two

Myra van Inwegen discusses the inherent risks in the sport and the balancing act between pushing the limits to improve your bike handling skills and paying the price for over cooking it.

The Armchair Section

Ahhhhh….It’s Time to relax and you know what that means. A glass of wine (or a mug of coffee), your favourite easy chair and of course this armchair story to read. So go on and indulge yourself. That’s right, kick off your shoes, put your feet up, lean back and just enjoy the story. Craig Latimer describes a love/hate relationship with his only form of transport.


Final Gallery with images from Seb Rogers and Chipps.

Column Three

Mike Hall discusses whether the growth and increasing recognition of mountain biking is actually a good thing for us in the long term.


Chipps and Jo Burt recount some heart-felt opinions over that now crucial aspect of mountain biking – specific footwear.

Boyz on the Hoodz

For a large proportion of the cycling community winter is generally associated with the start of the cyclo-cross season. Chris Duncan provides the words and Andy McCandlish the photos in this account of life on 700c rims. Roundup

A brief look at the highlights from the magazines daily website over the last few months.


Photos and captions from the Singletrack editorial team.