Nordest Cycles launches steel gravel frame

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Right, let’s get this out of the way first. You probably/possibly/definitely haven’t heard of Nordest before. We’ve done a bit of research so you don’t have to. Firstly, you’ll be relieved to know that according to the Nordest website “we love cycling”, so that’s a good start.

A bike for going on rides. Or something like that.

The company is based on Tenerife and started its journey in 2016. The brand’s identity is inspired by the wild region of Tras-os-Montes, in the north-east of Portugal. With its logo and head tube badge symbolising a Careto, a traditional element of the Transmontane Carnival. So there we are. The company designs frames in steel and titanium, and has them built in Taiwan.

Until recently, Nordest primarily focussed on mountain bikes, but now has a couple of gravel frames in the line up.

We love a steel frame


The Albarda frame is a 4130 chromoly steel frameset, using double butted tubing. It is designed with some hefty tyre clearance – all the way up to 700 x 50c (or 650b x 2.1in… lets not get into the metric/imperial mismatch here). A Ti version is also available.

Here’s what the bike looks like built up

Nordest claims it was inspired by bicycle travellers to design the Albarda. It wanted a gravel/do anything bike that could go to the end of the world and come back in one piece. Its philosophy was to let riders enjoy each ride, discover the landscape, “to contemplate the stars in some remote place”; and the following morning to roll the sleeping bag and continue the adventure. We think this translates to have fun on your bike. We are down with that.

A carbon fork option is available.

Nordest has two fork options (as well as offering just the Albarda frame) – you can opt for either a steel or carbon number up front. Both forks have mounts for mudguards and racks. There are also two colour options available: Blue Sky Gloss or Black/Matte Grey.

Big clearances are available at the rear.

The frame is available immediately, directly from Nordest. The Albarda costs €549, €619 with the steel fork, or €825 with the carbon fork. (Prices include shipping within the EU).

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