Caminade bikes launch titanium tubed, carbon lugged gravel bike

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Back in March, Tom visited Provence to check out the new Mavic Allroad collection of clothing and wheels. While there, he was lucky enough to ride a Caminade steel gravel bike, and visit the Caminade workshop. In amongst the distinctive, curved tubed steel frames, he spotted something a bit different.

Tom’s steel Caminade

Titanium tubing, carbon lugs

The AllRoad’s construction is unique as far we we can work out. It uses titanium tubing, set in carbon composite joints – kind of like the Robot Bike that Singletrack has been testing, but in reverse. Interestingly, the technique allows Caminade to custom fit each frame. There is enough “wriggle room” (to use the technical term, ahem) within each lug to allow for tweaks to angles/tube lengths.

Photo credit: Mavic – Jeremie Reuiller

We’ll let Caminade describe its approach:

Trailblazer in France in the gravel bike market, Caminade frames welded in steel and titanium are all manufactured in the Caminade workshop in Ille sur Têt, France. However, the French artisans wanted to go even further by developing an innovative technical solution to manufacture a made to measure frame in titanium, sold at an affordable price.

The AllRoad frame is the fruit of 24 months of development, in order to marry together the vertical flex of titanium with the comfort and lateral stiffness of carbon, for a lively, efficient ride. The patented technology is based on the use of composite carbon joints linking the structural elements made from grade 9 titanium tubes. This method of assembly by structural bonding, descended from aerospace engineering, is done in the Caminade workshop. The result is a frame without any compromises: light, comfortable, efficient and lively.

Photo Credit: Mavic – Jeremie Reuiller

Each AllRoad frame is unique. It is made to measure, taking into account the measurements of the new owner: at Caminade they don’t just just adjust the stem to suit the rider, but also the frame geometry.
Caminade also call on their experience of gravel riding in order to precisely determine the diameter and width of tyres needed, depending on the amount of each type of riding done: tarmac, trails, gravel, mud.

Photo Credit: Mavic – Jeremie Reuiller

The main objective is to make a titanium steed affordable and enable as many people as possible to acquire a made to measure titanium gravel bike. The AllRoad starts at just €2 790 with a Sram Apex 1 groupset and the new Mavic AllRoad Disc UST wheels in 650B. The frame can be built up with 700x40mm or 650x47mm wheels & tyres. Three other configurations are available: Sram Apex 1 upgraded with a 10-42 cassette, Rival 1, and Force 1 at the respective prices of €2 990, €3 290 and €3 990. The full bike with the €2 990 build, without pedals, comes in at the weight of 9.35 kg

Thanks to our innovative manufacturing process, the waiting time between the order and delivery has been reduced to just 6-8 weeks on average to receive a bike assembled and ready to ride.
Available to order from today, the first deliveries are planned for July.

A hire fleet of AllRoad bikes will soon be available at the Caminade workshop so you can test the bikes and try out gravel riding. The hire cost is reimbursed against any purchase.

Photo credit: Mavic – Jeremie Reuiller

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