Big Book Giveaway! Britain’s Greatest Cycling Climbs Box Set

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It’s up to you how you approach these books. Are they ‘gotta ride them all’ tick lists? Little perfectly formed pages of torture? Book of routes to definitely avoid on a long distance tour? Inspiration for things you might one day get round to. Maybe. One day. If you’re passing.

Britain's Greatest Cycling Climbs
545 climbs to collect, or avoid.

Whatever your take on the challenge contained within the pages of the popular 100 Climbs books by Simon Warren, with this new anthology of ‘Britain’s Greatest Cycling Climbs’ there can be no excuses that they’re all too far away. There’s bound to be a climb on your doorstep.
Britain's Greatest Cycling Climbs
We can’t help but note that South East England looks to be a slimmer volume. We’re guessing it’s flat there.

Ridden, rated and described by hill fanatic Simon Warren, these are all road climbs – but we all have to ride on the tarmac sometimes, right? Released this week – no doubt with an eye on the Christmas market – this box set contains eight books, between them listing 545 climbs around the country. Usually priced at £50, one lucky winner will get a copy now, as we’ve been sent a copy to give away.
Britain's Greatest Cycling Climbs
Will you ride them all?

To enter, all you need to do is:
Email the answer to the following question to along with your username and the UK postal address you’d like the box set sent to if you’re lucky enough to win. Please give your email the subject: I might ride them all.

  • How many climbs are listed in the 8 volumes of “Britain’s Greatest Cycling Climbs”?

Since it’s a set of books about climbs in the UK, we’re limiting the giveaway to those who can offer us a UK postal address to send the books to.
If you haven’t already got a account, it only takes a moment to register here and it’s free.
The winner will be drawn on Monday 6th November, so make sure you get your entry in by Midnight on Sunday 5th November (and yes, by then we’ll be on GMT – UK winter darkness time. Boo!).

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