Fresh Grit Friday: Volume 9.0

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Wow, the weeks seem to get longer this time of year, don’t they? We think it is probably down to the nights drawing in, definitely not because we’ve actually gone a whole fortnight without a dose of FGF. We are still working on our excuses, so while we think of a good one, lets chuckle at someone else’s misfortune. We’ve all been the tripped, and trippee…

Yes, we are well into ‘cross season now, and Tech Ed Tom is glued to dodgy youtube feeds from Belgium. Hydration is key while watching of course, and it is reassuring to know that our very own Mr Chipps Chippendale is well stocked up for a week or two after a continental raid over the weekend.

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Belgium, you've been great!

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Enough, though. We know you aren’t here for the boozy chatter, you want the good stuff. Lets BRING. IT. ON. FGF is GO.

Rondo Ruut CF1

No messing, we are straight in with the big ticket. Tester, Rachel has got her hands on the top-of-the-range Rondo Ruut CF1. She was lucky enough to head out to Poland a couple of months ago and liked the bike so much she wanted to test it back on her home turf.

There’s no mistaking the Ruut for anything else

The Ruut has some interesting stuff going on, like a a flip-chip in the fork, which changes the bikes geometry, and possibly the trickest looking hubs we have ever, ever seen. Want to know more? Check out Rachel’s first look.
ALL of the colours. So much right going on here.

Spin me round, round, baby right round.

Restrap Hip Bag

Also available in black

Stowage underneath

Do you even fanny pack bro? This bumbag (we are British, after all) is handmade in Yorkshire. It has a 3.5l capacity in the main compartment and a few clever features. There are compression straps on the underside to cinch things down when the pack is relatively empty, as well as stowing a waterproof when everything is already bursting at the seams. The back pad features a u-lock holster and the buckle is a trademark Restrap clip… using the magic of magnetism. It never gets boring.

Rapha Cross Long Sleeve Race Jersey

  • From: Rapha
  • Price: £140

We reckon it’s a cracking colour way this year

Rapha always like to add a little story somewhere. This label is tucked inside the rear key pocket.

The first in a few items from Rapha’s 2017/18 ‘cross range, the Long Sleeve Race Jersey is apparently “professional grade”… we’ve no idea what that means, but apparently it is based on the company’s Pro Team Aero Jersey – the “fastest jersey we’ve ever made”. Thank God for that. Tom needs all the help he can get at the moment. Too much time behind the screen, not enough time behind the bars. There are a couple of ‘cross specific touches to the jersey, like a lightly padded shoulder (a bit of thin padding on the right hand side only, for carrying… not Miami Vice style monsters) and a textured zip puller for easy grip mid-race.

Rapha Cross Pro Team Socks

  • From: Rapha
  • Price: £20

No laughing at Tom’s massive calf muscles. Nice candy-cane socks though.

Well, when you’ve got the jersey, you may as well get the socks, eh? Maximum #sockgame points achieved. These are loooong as well. Perfect for snugging up against those 3/4s to keep the elements out.

Rapha 3/4 bib shorts

  • From: Rapha
  • Price: £180

These aren’t strictly in the ‘cross range, but we figured match well with the long-sleeve jersey. Made from “Thermoroubaix”, these bad boys are super cosy. We reckon that you probably won’t want to be racing in them much above zero, but should be perfect for more general rides whenever the temperature is hovering around or just above single figures. Tom has already got a fresh tub of Vanish for those white bits…

So many questions. What is Tom looking at? What’s with the power pose?

White bits. Good for visibility. Maybe less good for keeping clean. We’ll let you know.

Rapha Cross Shoes

  • From: Rapha
  • Price: £250

Stealthy and bright all at once

All the brands. The shoes are manufactured by Giro.

Well, we all know that Rapha turn out some snazzy clothes, but they’ve also been selling shoes for a few years now. They are actually made by Giro, but have a few Rapha touches thrown in. The sole is Giro’s Easton EC90 carbon with some natty looking blue dual-compound treads to get covered in mud. The shoes also come with some good looking screw in studs for proper mud. Fastening is via a ratchet strap and two velcro straps.

Morvelo Sweary socks

  • From: Morvelo
  • Price: £10 – all proceeds to Macmillan, Cancer Research UK and St Gemma’s Hospice


Monday 16 October will be two years since our Deputy Editor, Jenn Hill died. Morvelo has sold sweary socks in her memory since, and have raised over £30,000 with 3000+ pairs out in the wild. These are a new design which are lighter, wick away moisture faster and feature thicker heel and toe sections. This exact pair are Tom’s own and will be worn with pride on Monday as he heads to the hills for the day.

And, with that, Fresh Grit fans we are going to close the laptop with a definite slam, throw on some banging tunes while we slip into our posh new lycra and head out the door. No excuses, no “I’m too tired”, not even #drinkbeeratyourdeskfriday. Here’s to a new tradition… #rideashardasyoucanforanhourthendrinkbeerinacrumpledheaponthefloorfriday. Might need to work on a snappier hashtag, but lets get this show on the road. Morvelo know what it’s about, here’s a corker from their video archives.

’til next time, kids.
G.R.I to the T. Out. x

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