Cube announce new C:62 carbon ‘cross weapon

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We’ll be honest. Cube bikes are not necessarily the first that we would think of when considering a new ‘cross bike, but they’ve got a pretty tidy race-ready range according to this hot-off-the-press mailshot.  They are keen for us to test one out as well, so we’ll report back once we’ve got it in the flesh.
“Cyclocross season is upon us”, they tell us (thanks for the heads up).  It goes on…

It’s all about the details. When saving every gram is the goal, every single detail matters. CUBE knew that choosing premium C:62 carbon was a good start, but the Cross Race C:62 needed something special to set it apart. The answer came from an unusual direction: our engineering team decide to route cables internally via the head tube, rather than the usual down tube routing. This approach full filled two goals. First, it created an incredibly clean look and eliminated any cable rub. And second, it meant we didn’t need to reinforce the down tube to the same extent, saving even more weight. For the Di2 cabling we use custom inserts, but they can be swapped if you decide in future to run a mechanical system. Combined with the full carbon fork and race-bred geometry designed for quick, nimble handling, the Cross Race C:62 is proof that the devil really is in the detail.

So there we go. Sounds like the right ingredients to us. There are three models in the C:62 range. We’ll sit back and let Cube run us through them and forgive the occasional hyperbole.
CUBE Cross Race C:62 SLT

Top end Cross Race C:62 SLT

You’ll know when ‘cross has taken hold of you, because you won’t be able to wait for the weekend to come around again. The brand new Cross Race C:62 SLT was developed for cyclocross purists like you. Ultralight, perfectly formed and equipped with one goal in mind: to win. Our new C:62 carbon frameset and carbon fork is paired with the best of everything, to give you that winning edge. From the Newmen carbon cockpit and carbon wheelset to Shimano’s all new Ultegra Di2 transmission and hydraulic disc brakes, we gave our designers free rein to indulge their perfectionist streak… so that you can indulge your winning streak.
That headtube

Look mum no hands

2x is becoming rarer on ‘cross race bikes, but full Ultegra Di2 pretty much demands it.

RRP £3799
More details:
CUBE Cross Race C:62 SL
Mid-range Cross Race C:62 SL

Cyclocross can be brutal. That’s why, for 2018, we went back to the drawing board to create an entirely new bike. The Cross Race C:62 SL features a brand new carbon chassis – complete with full carbon fork – and a component setup geared for hard use on the ‘cross race circuit. Our designers saved even more weight with a Newmen Advanced carbon cockpit, Newmen Evolution SL R.32 alloy disc wheelset and Easton EC90 superlight crankset. Then they specced SRAM’s CX1 hydraulic disc brakes and Force 1 11 speed transmission, for the ultimate in stopping power and slick, simple gear shifting. It’s a winning combination. Now all you need to do is pedal, run and pedal your way to the podium…
Prefer your bikes to be 1x? This is the Cube for you.

Shaped seat cluster junction.

RRP £2499
More details:
CUBE Cross Race C:62 PRO 
Base spec C:62 Pro

For 2018 we’ve pulled out all the stops to create our best, most race-ready ‘cross bike yet. Meet the CUBE Cross Race C:62 Pro – a sleek, carbon-framed race bike designed to excel in the muddy hell of competitive ‘cross. Begninning with an all-new chassis built from our premium C:62 carbon, we added our full carbon ‘cross fork, a Mavic Aksium Allroad Disc wheelset shod with Schwalbe’s X-One kevlar tyres, and Shimano’s new Ultegra groupset with all new Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes. It’s all designed to help you cut through both the mud and competition. Don’t get cross. Get the Cross Race C:62 Pro instead.
Chunky BB area for stiffness

Top end frame, with cheaper component options

RRP £2199
More details:

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